July 5, 2011

Um...Excuse Me!

Hot summer days are here and we have been spending some quality time at the pool. 

Along with a hot day at the pool comes begging to get a treat at the snack bar...times 3!  Yep, even Lexi has learned to tug at my hand towards the snack bar pleading "Popsicle! Popsicle Pweeeez!"  Ally and Jessi have been saving their coins and bringing some change along on pool days.  I figure its an opportunity for them to practice counting money. 

Today I observed the sweetest thing ever! 

The girls went up to the snack bar to purchase a fudgesicle.  I noticed Jessi, whose eyes barely peek over the counter, signaling for the snack bar attendant to come back. 

"Um...Excuse me!  Can I please see the box for this fudgie-popsicle?  My sister is diabetic."

My heart smiled. 

I had checked the box a few days earlier when the girls chose a "fudgie-popsicle", so I already knew the carb count.  But how sweet of Jessi to think of her sister.  The girls were so proud of themselves.  They walked back from the snack bar with their heads high and big smiles on their faces.  They had scored a "fudgie-popsicle"!  And not only had they independently ordered and paid for their treat, but they also found the carb count all on their own.  (Notice the nutrition label lists serving size as 2 pops and carbohydrates as 19.  Ally proudly announced that they figured out that it is about 9 carbs for one.) 

I was so proud of them too!



  1. Love it! How sweet to think of her sister and how amazing that they figured out the carbs! Great math skills in the making. :)

  2. That is so cute... love how they watch out for each other!

  3. Awww....what big girls they are! And so sweet for Ally's sisters to look out for her :) Nothing is more heart warming to me than the love between siblings!

  4. So sweet! And great calculation :)

  5. that is cute...and mad math skills, too!

  6. AWE!!! You have some super sweet girls :)

  7. I love it when they do stuff like that!

  8. Awesome! - my 5yr old is also figuring out how to read nutrition labels - it makes you SO PROUD!

  9. that is just soooo sweet!! and smart :)

  10. What a very sweet story!
    Sweet girls!

  11. That is just awesome the way they look out for their sister! My Sam is the youngest of four and there's never more than ten minutes that goes by without one of her brothers or sister yelling, "Hey Sam, you ok?" : )


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