August 7, 2013

A 10 year old's review of Superstar Dreams

As you probably know, Lilly Diabetes and Disney partnered to create a series of books about kids living with diabetes.  In case you have not seen this series, or if you'd like to see the newest books added to this collection, visit Lilly and Disney's Type 1 Diabetes Book Shelf page.

While at the Children With Diabetes, Friends For Life conference in July, we were lucky enough to receive a couple of the new books in the series.  Ally very quickly read Superstar Dreams and wanted to share her review with you.

Superstar Dreams


This was a GREAT book. It was about a girl named Morgan who was newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and had trouble making friends at her new school.

 When she finally met Lizzy and those 2 became very good friends, Lizzy’s BFF, Naomi, suddenly didn’t like her because she thought that she was trying to steal her friend away from her.

Her new friend has a sleepover birthday and she can’t decide whether to go or not because she isn’t sure she feels comfortable going because of her diabetes.

  Eventually everything worked out and Lizzy, Morgan, and Naomi all became VERY, VERY, VERY, good friends.

            How I can relate to that

 She doesn’t check her sugar at night but her lows are a lot worse than mine and she feels them when she is asleep.  In the book it says that Morgan feels light-headed and it feels so bad. I check my blood sugar at night no matter what.

I would love to go to a sleepover but my Mom would be the one who wouldn’t feel comfortable. I’d feel comfortable because I know how to manage my diabetes well and I have lots of good friends comfortable with it who would help me with my lows.

Love to tell you more but don’t want to spill the beans. :)  If you want to know more, then you may like to read the book yourself. ;D

I was going to add my two cents here, but I think I will save it for a post of my own!  I will translate one line, for the record!  "I check my blood sugar at night no matter what."  Actually means, "Mom or Dad check my blood sugar every night!  :)

(To read Lilly & Disney's summary of this book, click HERE.)

We are grateful to Lilly Diabetes and Disney for giving us our very own copies of a couple of these books.  If you have not been able to get your hands on any of these books, check out where they will soon be adding digital versions of some of these titles.

You may also like to visit for tips on family life with type 1 diabetes.



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