March 7, 2013

Angel Wings Too Soon

My heart hurts for the family of 13 year old Mark Deary, who died from Type 1 Diabetes without even knowing he had it.

According to ABC channel 13 WHAM, he "was sent home from school on Thursday with what appeared to be a stomach bug.  By Sunday, Mark Deary had lapsed into a coma and died."

It pains me so much to know that, if someone recognized the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes, he may not have received his angel wings too soon.

I don't blame anyone specifically, I didn't know.

When Ally was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I had no idea that extreme thirst, frequent urination, drowsiness, increased appetite, sudden weight loss, sudden vision changes, sugar in the urine, fruity odor on the breath, or heavy or labored breathing were symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes.  I didn't know that Type 1 Diabetes can mimic other illnesses, like the flu.  I knew something was wrong, but diabetes did not even enter my mind.  Nor did I know how serious the disease was or how quickly it could take the life of someone who went untreated.

I have since heard story after story of children who were sent back home from the doctor with a diagnosis of "the flu" or "a possible UTI", and by the grace of GOD had a parent who just knew it had to be something more.  I have also heard of many sweet children who were misdiagnosed and sadly died before receiving the proper treatment. 

A simple urine test can check a child for diabetes.  Why aren't urine samples a part of all children's annual physicals?  Parents, please request finger sticks and urine samples.  You have nothing to lose by checking, but EVERYTHING to lose by missing a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes because of skipping these simple tests.

Please share the Warning Signs of Type 1 Diabetes with all of your loved ones!  I didn't know.  The Kuehl Family didn't know.  The family of Mark Deary didn't know. 

I have written about the Warning Signs before.  Please read about them again.  And again.  And even again.  And then pass them on.

Lets Take Control of Diabetes Now where I shared the story of the Kuehl family who lost their precious baby because his T1D diagnosis was missed.

Ok, so I freaked out! and checked my non-D kid's sugar, because now I know the symptoms of T1D all too well.

In Educate and Re-Educate I shared how Ally's diagnosis could have easily been missed...or too late!  Once the flu like symptoms are present, Type 1 Diabetes moves quickly.  Don't waste time!  Ask for the simple tests in case the medical professional doesn't think of it!

Rest in peace sweet Angel!



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