March 4, 2011

I'm Not Snow White..I'm Just One of The Dwarfs!

You know, these days I could call myself many things. 

A Wife...

A Mother...
..For Sure!

A Pancreas...
...of course! (Where have you been?) 

A Princess....
...Definitely Not!

In fact, as painful as it is to say, these days I've been down right ...   

Let me show you a glimpse of Ally's BG (Blood Glucose) log from two nights ago...
(and don't be fooled by thinking that if Keith gets up I sleep through it, or vice versa!)

10:30 PM   I thought I was going to sleep for the night!...BG 288, Gave correction dose of insulin.  Set an alarm for 12:30 AM to make sure the correction was bringing her blood sugar down.

12:25 PM   I heard Ally's CGM alarm going off (via the baby monitor on our nightstand).  We had inserted a new sensor before bed and it was time for a calibration.  I thought I did that at 10:30???  Oh well...BG 130.  WOA!  Her overnight ISF (Insulin Sensitivity Factor) is 230.  ISF is basically how much one unit of rapid-acting insulin will drop the blood sugar.  I was surprised that she had dropped that much already.  Better set another alarm for 2:00 AM :(

1:50 AM   Keith jumps up because he hears Ally's CGM alarm going off...BG 81.  Good catch little Miss CGM!  (She needs a better name!)  4 oz Juicy Juice...Keith sets his alarm for 2:30 AM to recheck.

2:00 AM   My alarm goes off because I had set it earlier remember..ugh!

2:30 AM   Keith's alarm goes off....BG 119.  Ok, a few hours of sleep are ahead.

3:45 AM   Maybe not!  The other baby monitor in our room starts alarming...this is not a beeping sound...but an 18 month old crying!   Boo!!  She is teething and also has had a little tummy virus, but who knows what awoke her at this dreamy hour?  I went up, rocked her for a minute and put her back down.  Thought I'd better check Ally again since I was up.  CGM said BG was 112 and the graph looks like a pretty flat line since the last check so I head back to bed.

5:00 AM   Keith wakes up so he checks...BG 126.  (We usually just wait until she wakes up at 7, but since she had been low earlier, he thought he'd check.)

5:45 AM   Ally comes in, wakes me up and tells me that her pump is alarming LOW.  I look at the CGM and it is showing an arrow down.  This means that her blood sugar has been falling at a rate of 1-2 mg/dL per minute.  (Obviously if her BG was just 126 forty-five minutes ago, right!?!)  Finger stick shows BG 109.  Ok, not low, but now I'm awake.  Is the CGM flaking out on me here?  Or is she really dropping?  Ally goes back to bed.

7:00 AM   Ally wakes up.  BG 97.  

When you look at all of the numbers  288...130...81...119...112...126...109...97 you might say those look awesome!  They do!  With the exception of the 288, and the 81 (because overnight I like her to be over 100), those are AWESOME numbers!  So, WHY THEN WAS I UP ALL NIGHT???

Well somewhere in between all these hours of sleep (not!) I also got up two more times because I heard the CGM alarming...once it said calibration error :( and another time it said weak signal :(  It was just one of those nights!

Not all nights are like that.  In fact, last night I slept peacefully from 11:00 PM until 6:45 AM because Keith did the 3 AM check and there were no other surprise interruptions last night!  But I certainly think that it is nights like the aforementioned one that have made me Grumpy-like!

(This post has reminded me that I need to do an updated CGM post...obviously we had a few kinks the other night...but there is more to the CGM story!  Coming Soon!)



  1. Uugh. That was me two nights ago but I was dealing with a bed-wetting alarm and diabetes rather than the CGM that has been sitting on my kitchen counter unused since August.

  2. We've been having plenty of those up/down nights lately, however our numbers aren't spot on they're like a crazy rollercoaster and then of course adding in CGM calibrations as you said...I dream of sleep :)

  3. thanks! Glad to know I'm not alone. That was my night last night. BG was 75 straight arrow at 2:00 a.m. I debated for 1/2 hour to suspend insulin or give raisins. Did the suspension and by 4:45 she was 115 flat. Yeah! Still, no sleep from 2:00-4:45 and then husband's alarm goes off at 5:15 for work. Argh. Hope you sleep tonight.

  4. Ugh, just reading this makes me tired and grumpy!!

    Hope you can get a nap in today!!

  5. Hang in there! Better days ahead! Hopefully sleep is part of that for you.

  6. YOU.ARE.SNOW.WHITE.IN.MY.BOOK! You even have her smile!!! Love the pix of you and the fam...and Keith (I don't think I have seen him on here before).

    Bummer on the crummy night. Same. Same. Love.

  7. Totally Snow White! Remember... In the story she was practically a slave to those darn dwarfs... She cooked for them, she cleaned... she put up with their crap, basically. So I say YOU are Snow White and Diabetes is the 7 dwarfs. :D

  8. Snow White! Yes!!

    I was exhausted before reading this, now I am ready to pass out!

  9. You are better than a princess, you are a superhero!

    No sleep = the grumpies. For all of us!

    Long nights are the worst! Even if they are sprinkled with beautiful numbers!

  10. Had one of those nights last night! As you know, I'm new to the CGM, so I'm still figuring it out. I was 130 at bedtime so I was worried I might hour later and I was 230! What?! Corrected then tried to fall asleep, only to wake up constantly...once to a low signal and twice to a predicted low. BG reading was 130ish, then 120. Not sure what was happening there. I hate those nights!

  11. Girl - - - you are a princess!!!
    We all get grumpy sometimes - - ok I get grumpy a lot! It's exhausting!!!

    I know just what you are saying but still you ARE a princess!!

  12. i feel your pain. im grumpy alot too. thats why i blog lol. when people ask us how R is we say, i dunno every day is different. and it is. it fluctuates. we have perfect nights and pig's breakfast nights. cant win!

  13. I hate nights like that. They make me grumpy, too! I love, love, love the cgm - but when it's off I get really mad at it! :) I tell it to quit lying to me because it's so rude! Here's to lots of peaceful nights to come!!!

  14. I think you are more than a PRINCESS... You are an AMAZING wife, sister, aunt, daughter, sister-in-law and most of all a SPECTACULAR MOTHER to 3 beautiful daughters!!! I don't get to read your blog often and I don't know your everyday GRUMPIES, but I will say that I think you have handled them beautifully!!! Thanks for giving me a large glimpse of your day to days and teaching me about diabetes. I know we don't talk often ~ but there are very few days that go by that I don't think about how you all are doing. We miss you all.
    PS - I printed the Warning Signs of Type 1...thanks for making that list!!!
    Love, Sandra


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