November 1, 2010

What is that Blue Circle you SAE?

November is Diabetes Awareness month.

Thank you, Sarah, for getting the ball blue circle rolling!  It was her idea to kick off Diabetes Awarenss Month with SAE DAY! (pronounced "say")  A day to intentionally SUPPORT, ADVOCATE, and EDUCATE the world about diabetes....or at least a day to come up with a plan, act on ideas, or step things up a notch!

I am going to make every effort to SUPPORT, ADVOCATE, and EDUCATE you all about diabetes this month.  However, I am not quite the superhero rockstars that Jen, Wendy, HallieDonnaTracy, Meri, Lora, KristiNicole, HeatherLeighann, and Rachael are....just SAEing!  You see, they are participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).  Let me know if you are NaBloPoMo-ing it too this month so that I can be sure to SUPPORT by reading your blogs.

So, today I will start by answering the question that I know some of you are asking....

What is that blue circle?

(The following description is taken from

What is the history of the blue circle?

The icon was developed originally for the campaign for a UN Resolution on diabetes.

The campaign for a United Nations Resolution on diabetes was a response to the diabetes pandemic that is set to overwhelm healthcare resources everywhere. The campaign mobilised diabetes stakeholders behind the common cause of securing a United Nations Resolution on diabetes. The United Nations passed Resolution 61/255 ‘World Diabetes Day’ on December 20th 2006.

Why a circle?

The circle occurs frequently in nature and has thus been widely employed since the dawn of humankind. The significance is overwhelmingly positive. Across cultures, the circle can symbolize life and health. Most significantly for the campaign, the circle symbolizes unity. Our combined strength is the key element that made this campaign so special. The global diabetes community came together to support a United Nations Resolution on diabetes and needs to remain united to make a difference. As we all know: to do nothing is no longer an option.

Why blue?

The blue border of the circle reflects the colour of the sky and the flag of the United Nations. The United Nations is in itself a symbol of unity amongst nations and is the only organization that can signal to governments everywhere that it is time to fight diabetes and reverse the global trends that will impede economic development and cause so much suffering and premature death.

If you'd like to help spread awareness of diabetes and don a blue circle...check out



  1. Misty! I LOVED this post. I had no idea about the origin of the blue circle. THANK You. I appreciate it.

  2. hahaha very creative love that you used sae instead of say!! Great post!!

  3. Awesome post! Looking forward to a great month connecting, reconnecting, and then connecting more with the DOC and D Mamas EVERYWHERE!

  4. This was so interesting! Great post!

  5. Looking forward to all that the DOC has to SAE this month! Thanks for the post!


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