July 8, 2011

...with an arrow down!

If you or a loved one are a CGM user, then the phrases "with an arrow down" or "double down" would definitely catch your attention. 

This is a picture of the Medtronic MiniMed Revel pump and Real Time CGM (sensor and transmitter).  Do you see the little arrow pointing down next to the BG reading of 108?  Ally would read this as 108 "with an arrow down."    That arrow is a "rapid change arrow".  Now, the reason that the arrow down instills a moment of panic is that it is telling me that her sensor glucose (SG) has been falling at a rate of 1-2 mg/dL per minute.  "Double down" or two arrows pointing down  shows that her SG has been falling at a rate of 2 mg/dL or more per minute.  (There are also arrows pointing up, but that doesn't quite reach panic status.)

Well, we were in the car on our way home from swimming this afternoon.  The sweet face you see above yells "93 with arrows down!"  A moment of panic follows.  I said, "What do you mean?  You just checked your sugar when we got in the car and it was 170."  She proceeds to explain what she meant...with a few giggles.

The outside temperature reading in our car said 93 *F.  She pointed to it and said, see it says 93!  AND it has been dropping steadily from 98 to 93 since we started driving.  Yep, 93 with an arrow down!  :)



  1. Arrows down like that are a fabulous thing! ;)

  2. Heart attack!!!! Gotta love our one track minds :)

  3. haha diabetes follows us every where doesn't it??

  4. I could FEEL your panic at that moment. I have been in the car on more than one occasion when I hear from the backseat "I have a bellyache" in that small/low voice. Thank goodness it was just the temperature this time :)

  5. what a cutie! I would have panicked, too...but then laughed!

  6. Omg! I'm laughing cause J plays a wii game that calculates points the same as Dex! "105 double up!".

    Thank goodness it was the temp!


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