July 7, 2011

Just Read My Back!

Our family took a trip to Disney World this year.  We have been a few times before, and each year I get a little bit smarter.  See the stickers that each of the girls are wearing on their backs?  Life savers!  I will never go without them again.

I printed these myself on Avery Shipping Labels.  Each one reads:  If I am lost, please call my parents.  Then it lists both Keith's and my cell phone numbers.  Ally's has an extra line printed in red that reads *Medical Alert*  Type 1 Diabetes / Insulin Dependent.  I print enough of these labels for the girls to wear a new one each day we are at a park.  I also carry a couple extras in my backpack because you never know when you might get wet!  (Hey, maybe I need to work on a laminated version for next year!)

We received many comments about the ID labels.  Many people suggesting that they wished they had thought of doing something like that.  But the coolest thing happened while we were waiting in line for It's a Small World ride.

Thanks to my friend Nicole at the We Cara Lot blog, who recently visited Disney World, we scored a Guest Assistance card. (Geez, I wish we could have been there at the same time.  A D-Family meet up at Disney, what could be better?)  Check out her blog post about their trip to learn more about the Guest Assitance card.  So, we were waiting in line to ride It's a Small World.  A gentleman waiting in line behind us commented on the girls' ID stickers.  He said, "Now that's a good idea!"  Then he must have seen Ally's and said, "And THAT's an even better idea!!"  He proceeded to tell us that his daughter, the same age as Ally, also had type 1 diabetes.  The girls chatted, as did we with her parents, while we waited for our turn to ride.  It was really cool!

And if you are questioning whether or not the labels were ever used...THEY WERE!  Those of you who know my girls will not be surprised to know that Jessi is the one who had to use the number on the back of her shirt.  The five of us were walking along.  Keith and I were discussing which direction to head next when we made a change of plans and turned in a different direction.  We had not gone far when I realized Jessi was not with us.  She must have continued walking in the other direction.  Keith found her just moments later.  A woman offered to help her when she looked lost and Jessi said, very calmly, "Just read my back!"  When Keith found them, the lady had her cell  phone out in her hands ready to call us!



  1. Awesome idea. I would have to sneak it onto just ins back... But I have dmama skilz, so it can be done :)

  2. WOW! This really is a great idea!!

  3. YOU ARE A GENIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I will TOTALLY be doing this the next time we're out and about in any crowded area!!!!

  4. Such an amazing idea! I was so getto when I would take my nephews places when they were small I wrote on their arm with my number but this is a MUCH better idea!! I love it!

  5. Ohmygosh!! Were you SO scared when you couldn't find her??? I would've freaked out! SO glad you had tags on them, that's an AWESOME idea! : ) I WILL be doing that next year!!


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