July 20, 2011

It's the Half-Way Mark!

Today is the half way point...only three more days until Ally comes home! 

A couple of very special people are helping to get me through this.  Last night, I had a girls night out with a couple of my BFFs from high school.  It is always great catching up with them.  Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to meet Noah, the Diabetes Dude, and his family.  They stopped by to visit before heading up to diabetes camp as part of their I Feel Free Tour.  It was a great opportunity for a few D families to get together and I was happy to meet several new D Mamas out there.

The Diabetes Dude with Dancing Danie came to town!

I freaked out a little bit when I saw this picture posted by the DD crew the night before they visited camp. 

A terrible storm rolled through the area. I was up all night worrying about Ally and wondering if she was a little scared about the storm. I bet those BGs were through the roof!

My saving grace...Hallie and Sweetpea from The Princess and the Pump!  Did you recognize them in that picture with Dancing Danie?  Sweetpea is the DD ambassador for our state and therefore she travelled with the DD crew to diabetes camp yesterday.  I gave them all very strict orders to check on Ally while they were there.  And this is what I got!!

I also got a full report from Hallie that everything at camp was going well!  It made all the difference in the world for me to be able to "see" her (even if in a picture) and I bet she was happy to see a familiar face too!
And because Alexis at Justice's Misbehaving Pancreas wanted to know...
today is actually a site change day for Ally.  This is how it is supposed to go down.

I sent all of Ally's pump supplies (way more than needed just in case any come loose from all the swimming!) organized in individual ziploc baggies.  Each baggie contained everything needed for a site change - Reservoir, Mio infusion set, alcohol swab, and Infusion Set IV3000.  They have doctors and nurses assigned to each cabin, in addition to the three counselors who have type 1 diabetes.  When it is time for a site change, they will assist her in filling the reservoir, rewinding the pump and inserting the infusion set.  I told them that I do all of these steps and that Ally would not be able to do any of them on her own.  They said that she will not be doing it on her own, but if she wants to learn they will do it with her.  And if she doesn't, they will do it for her!  I am a little bit anxious to hear how it goes today. 

And before time runs out, make sure that you visit the NaturallySweett Haley for an awesome giveaway!  She is giving away a medical alert bracelet from Lauren's Hope!  We LOVE Lauren's Hope!!

Three down. Three to go.



  1. I am so proud of you! I know how hard this is... sort of.... I'm just glad that I could help! I can't WAIT to hear all that she has to say about camp when she gets home!

  2. I just left there a couple hours ago and Ally looked good...very sad Cadence was leaving. We tried everything to get her stay but she was having no part of it. I hope Ally does okay. They were loading up on the bus to go swim in town today as we were leaving. I am glad to have her home but I really wished she would of stayed.

  3. You are inspiring!!! Can't wait to hear the scoop when she gets home...

  4. Yay! You've made it halfway. :) I am going to be a nervous wreck when it comes time for Adam to do diabetes camp!

    If you have a moment, I would LOVE to have a copy of the letter you sent to parents - I'll have to ask Heidi as well. I didn't even thing about sending one home, but in thinking about it, it is a great idea. I can just imagine kids going home saying that someone in their class has diabetes (or whatever they end up saying) and the parents wondering what is up. My email is azdrews@gmail.com Thanks!!

  5. Love those reports from inside sources!!

  6. Aw, how nice to get the inside scoop! Glad everything is going well :)

  7. YAY!!! I'm so proud of you...and her!!! Oh I can't WAIT to hear all the stories :) FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

    I'm already a little nervous about next year for us. First timers. EEK!

  8. I wish our camp was close. Its like 6 or 7 hours away, if not more.


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