July 26, 2011

The Truth about Diabetes Camp

I have been sharing my take on Diabetes Camp...but now here is the real scoop!

Hi, it's me Ally again!  I'm home from camp now and I want to tell you all about it because I promised you that I would

At camp, we stayed in cabins.  There were lots of bunk beds and a bathroom.  That's it.  Sometimes at night we would play flashlight tag on the ceiling or have a dance party in our cabin. 

It rained one night after dinner, so we went outside and danced in the rain!  It was awesome because Mom would never let me do that.  (Shhh don't tell her what I said!)

We played Field games like tennis, soccer and Gaga.  Gaga was my favorite.  This is how you play it.  (See the picture below?  That is the Gaga pit.)  Somebody throws the ball in the middle of the Gaga pit and everyone tries to hit the ball at other players.  There are no teams.  It is kind of like dodgeball, except you are out if it hits your knees or below.


There was a big lake at camp. 
We got to go swimming, canoeing and jumping off the blob. 

The blob is a giant trampoline on the water.  It was lots of fun!

We did crafts at camp.  I made a tie-dye t-shirt and two necklaces.  I gave Jessi one of the necklaces when I got home.  She liked it.

We didn't get to ride horses because it was too hot and they were sick.  I was sad about that.

We went to the climbing wall.  I climbed all the way to the top and rang the bell!

Another game that we played was called Gorilla Warfare.  It was like capture the flag.  You had to steal the other team's flag without getting tagged and without getting hit by the counselors who were throwing puffs of flour at you.  You knew when they were going to come after you because they would pound on their chest and sound like a gorilla.  It was cool!

The Diabetes Dude even visited us at camp.  He gave us blue flamingo silly bands and necklaces.  Dancing Danie also taught us a cool dance.

The things that I did not like about camp were that there was a bat in our bathroom and it was so hot.
The best things about camp were making new friends and learning how to insert my own pump site.  Oh yeah, and the food was awesome!  I want to go back again next year!

Your Friend, Ally



  1. Awwww!! Noah says thanks! He had a great time meeting all the campers! They didn't tell us a thing about the bats!! Today, Noah wanted to start a "blog of the week", which we will share every Tuesday, and after we read this one, he decided he would start with yours! We shared it on his FB page! Hope you don't mind!

  2. What a great update! I am jealous! I want to go to camp. :( I'm sorry the horses were sick, but it sounds like you had a great time none the less!!

  3. So glad you had a great time at Camp! Charlotte skipped camp this year, but I think she missed it a lot. I'm hoping reading your blog about camp will encourage her to want to go back next year :)

  4. what an awesome post...thanks for letting her share with us!

  5. So sweet!! I wanna jump on the trampoline into the water.

  6. OH BOY!!!! I am not letting Sweets read this! :) I'm SO GLAD she had fun! LOVE IT!

  7. I am so happy she had a great time even though Cadence left her. Sounds like she really enjoyed her time. Hopefully she can talk Cadence into going and staying all week next yr!


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