July 2, 2011

Baby Steps to Independence

Two of my own blog posts keep coming back into my head over and over again.  I often think about what I need to do to make sure that one day Ally will be prepared to take on the role of managing her own diabetes.  Independence and Beyond and To Insulin and Beyond both include my anxiety over the day that Ally will move out.  But in reality, as she gets older and more involved in childhood activities, she will crave to be more and more independent.  That's what kids do right?  She will gain this independence along the way (whether I'm ready for it or not!), much before the day she moves out!

Today Ally is going to a friend's birthday party at a local bowling alley.  Being an almost 3rd grader, birthday parties these days are "drop off at such n such time" and "pick up at this n that time."  However, with diabetes tagging along, our typical scenario for birthday parties looks different than the average Joe.  (And no, Reyna, I don't think your Joe is average ;)  I usually hang out during birthday parties so that I am able to see the food that is being served, count the carbs and see to it that Ally gets the proper amount of insulin to cover the treats.  In addition, I can keep an eye on her with the added exercise that usually comes along with a birthday party. 

Today is different.  Today Ally asked me if I really needed to stay at the party.  Keith and I talked about it and decided that we could do this.  (Yes, I had to talk myself into not hanging out at a bowling party with a bunch of squealing 8 year old girls!  Go figure.)  Ally is responsible, she is feeling her lows most of the time now and she is wearing her CGM for extra assurance.  We decided that it would be good for her.  Who wants Mom hovering all the time?  But there are even better reasons...I want Ally to feel comfortable being away from us.  I want her to be comfortable monitoring how she feels on her own.  And I want her to pay attention to what foods and how much she is eating.  Now, I don't expect her to be an expert at all of this in one afternoon.  Baby steps to independence, remember!?! 

We made a plan.  She feels good about the plan, excited almost.  I called the host ahead of time to find out what foods they will be serving.  Ally and I talked about a good portion size for her.  She will check her blood sugar before going into the party.  She will call me just before eating and tell me what her CGM says.  We will talk about what food and how much is on her plate and then I will tell her how many carbs to enter into her insulin pump.  She can do this!  (Now, can I?)

Continuing to take baby steps To Independence and Beyond!



  1. Good plan, my friend!!! I, too started the year out attending all of Ellie's b-day parties and then by the last 2 we were able to make a plan, call during the party, and work it out. Made both of us happy and THAT is the best part :)

  2. Ok I'm sweating just reading this! Good for you, good for her! Not sure if I can handle it..but..lol

    Really is a proud mama moment.

    Sidebar. We got J a cell phone. Cheap cheap. He loves taking pics and sending em to me when we in the same room. Made me think with the phone a party could be doable ;)

  3. I am proud of you!! I know that this will be a dreaded day for me and yet a proud day for Joshua when it comes. I hope it all went well and that you felt secure when she got home!

  4. You can absolutely do this! : ) It's tough, I know. We have a little cheap phone too (it's a GoPhone, and it shares our minutes, so no contract!), and it makes a world of (independent) difference to one little girl! : )
    How'd it go?

  5. This makes my heart speed up! But I cheated and read the end first! :)


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