May 15, 2013


Today we’re going to share our most memorable diabetes day. You can take this anywhere.... your or your loved one's diagnosis, a bad low, a bad high, a big success, any day that you’d like to share.

There are a few BIG moments that hog my memories when I think about the time since diabetes has been a part of our family.

Ally's diagnosis day is one of those days that plays over and over again in my mind.  I can remember so many of the details, from the look in her eyes down to the exact words spoken by the care givers in the hospital.

Several months later when Ally confided in me that, when she heard the pediatrician tell me that Ally had diabetes, she had thought she was going to die.  During the car ride from the pediatricians office to the hospital on her diagnosis day, she started talking about my uncle who had passed away a few months before that.  I remember thinking that she was talking out of her head!  Suddenly, after she confided in me months later, I realized that she was talking about him because she thought she too was going to die.  "Die-abetes."  Why hadn't that crossed my mind?  That is one of my least favorite moments as a parent.  I am so so sad that those thoughts ever entered her mind.  And so sad that it took me months to know that she thought this so that I could make her feel better :(  Still brings me to tears thinking about it.

The day that Ally started pumping.  It was a day of much anticipation and excitement.  No more shots!!  Woohoo!  But I remember the gut wrenching feeling of seeing the insulin pump attached to my 6 year old, thinking about how this was a forever kind of thing.  She will be attached to this thing 24/7...indefinitely.  As a parent, that was a hard day for me.

The day that we dropped her off at Diabetes another day that I will never forget!

And although those BIG, not incredibly happy moments do hog my memories, we continue making memories every day. 

Last summer when we had the opportunity to attend Friends for Life, I experienced my happiest D moment yet!  Moments after checking into the hotel, green bracelets (indicating T1) all around, Ally untucked her insulin pump and displayed it proudly for all to see.  That moment when she found "same".

Ally loved meeting her longtime T1 penpal in person at FFL!

Someday, BIG moments like this one will overshadow those BIG moments from the past.

This has been my post for Day #3 of Diabetes Blog Week.   Now go read what other bloggers had to say about Memories - Wednesday 5/15 .


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  1. Love love love those pictures at the bottom! I wrote about FFL for my "memories" post today too! :D

    (it doesn't really change once you are an "adult" with diabetes! LOL!)


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