May 13, 2013

Share and Don't Share

Often our health care team only sees us for about 15 minutes several times a year, and they might not have a sense of what our lives are really like. Today, let’s pretend our medical team is reading our blogs. What do you wish they could see about your and/or your loved one's daily life with diabetes? On the other hand, what do you hope they don't see? 

First of all, I'd like to say that our endo is outstanding!  I love that she really does try to get the full picture in the few minutes that we see her each quarter.  She also makes herself available to us anytime that we need something in between those visits.  Granted, it is just a few minutes every three months!  So, to all of the members of our health care team, I say...

If you could be a fly on the wall: 

~You would see that we try to keep up with our log book, really we do!

~I wish you could see the hurt in her eyes when we do site changes and insert new cgm sensors, so that you would understand why the numbing cream is still necessary.

~You would certainly notice the thoughtful planning that goes into her meals and snacks, so that you wouldn't question the random lows or after meal spikes.  Sometimes I just don't have an answer!

~I want you to see how hard she plays outside with her friends, so that you will understand why I take baby steps when adjusting her basal rates.

~I know that you would hear how many times the school nurse calls me to help make judgement calls about bolusing for carbs, or treating lows, or treating highs, or the special surprise birthday treat, etc.

Looking at blood sugar numbers on paper or a cgm graph (as awesome as it is to have), never tells the whole story!

On the other hand, I hope that, if you were a fly on my wall, you had at least one eye closed (how many eyes does a fly have anyway?):

~That time when I was just too tired to do a set change, so we let it go for one more day.

~When we forgot to bolus her for a meal.

~I don't dare tell you that we let her run a little high overnight that night because we just couldn't get out of bed to do the correction, even though the MySentry is staring back at me with a big 200!

Believe me, I'm embarrassed to admit any of these things.  But life happens.  And one thing that I know about D is that we can do everything right and still have days where it seems impossible.  Sometimes it has to be ok for us to not be perfect!

This has been my submission for Day 1 of Diabetes Blog Week.  Now go read what other bloggers had to say about  Share and Don’t Share - Monday 5/13.


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  1. You've got it right! There's so much more that we don't even get to touch on when we're at a dr. visit. Love your openness at the end too. I think every mom struggles with feeling guilty when we're not perfect. But you're right, it's ok!


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