May 12, 2013

Happy More Than a D Mom Day!

I'm laying in bed, pretending to still be asleep, listening to the hustle and bustle going on outside my room.  I hear, "Dad, can we give Mommy her presents this morning?"  Followed by the rustling of gift bags coming down the stairs.   I hear them planning a surprise breakfast for me.  I hear one little one whispering to "close Mommy's bedroom door so she won't hear us."  Lexi asks if she can make Mommy a card.  The others remind her that she already made something for mommy, pointing to the adorable handprint card and bookmark that she made for me at preschool.  "Yeah, but I already gave those to Mommy.  Can I make another card?"

I'm going to stay here in bed a little longer and soak it in :)  I can hear the love!  All of that stuff is the best Mother's Day gift ever!  But Shhh...I didn't hear a thing!

Do you ever dream, Forrest, of who you wanna be?  Forrest:  Who I'm gonna be?  Aren't I gonna be me? Jenny:  You'll always be you.  Just another kind of you.  You know?    (from Forrest Gump movie)

When Hallie invited me to join her Mother's Day marathon of blogging about "More Than a D Mom," I thought of this quote from Forrest Gump.  I decided to join her and the other wonderful D Moms that have gone before me in this blogging series.

I will always be me. Just another kind of me.
I like that!
For Mother's Day, I'd like to give myself a gift.  It's a reminder that, while D seems to consume my thoughts most days (Wendy said it best here!), it should not consume my life.  It should not be who I am

At Friends For Life conference last summer, one of the things that the awesome PWDs taught Ally was that she could do anything, even with diabetes.  And in one of my favorite blog posts ever, a guest post from Sara, she wrote a letter to Ally telling her to remember that diabetes does not define her.

So, my Mother's Day gift to myself is to rewrite my personal definition of ME.  I think I've found it...

I will always be me.   Just another kind of me.

That is the perfect evolving definition!

It's important to remember where I came from.  As well as the journey I have taken to the kind of me I am today.  (It's ok to laugh at me!  I sure did when I found some of these pictures!  And sorry for the poor quality, I'm older than digital photos!!)

I am a daughter.

I am a sister.

I am a wife.

I am a mother.

I am a friend.
I am a soccer player.
(Well, I played soccer for close to 20 years anyway!  Couldn't run to save my life today). 
I am a grandaughter.  I am a teacher.  I love being involved in service projects.  I like to cook.   I love chocolate!!  I prefer a relaxing vacation over an active sight-seeing one.   I am a stay at home mom.   I love to snuggle with my girls.  I enjoy ironing - I know, crazy right?  I write lists.  If I have accomplished something not on my list, I write it in so that I may cross it off.   I love a good party.  I love laughing with friends.   I like craft projects.
The top row are pictures from high school.  The bottom left was a picture from my first year of teaching.  My grandma and me are in the middle.  And the bottom right picture is from the day that I met Keith!! 
 All of these things have made me the kind of me I am today.
And we all know how my definition of me changed on February 10, 2009.  The day that I became a D Mom. 

I will always be me.   Just another kind of me.
I am a D Mom...and so much more!

This "More Than a D Mom" series has been brought to you courtesy of Hallie.  Check out Hallie's post, along with these other awesome friends - Meri, Lora, Wendy, Tracy, Donna, Heather and Nicole, who are all so much more than dMoms to me!


Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful Mother's and D Moms out there! 

P.S.  Here is the extra card that Lexi made for me today :)  Notice the bags under my eyes??  Lol!



  1. A different kind of me... EXACTLY! I love it! And I love you... bags and all!

  2. Well no wonder Keith was smitten... you were a cutie ;) "That's all I'm gonna say about that" ~Forrest Gump


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