September 28, 2011

Proud of My Girl for Speaking Up

I am so proud of my sweet Ally.  I will tell you why, but first, let me remind you that this is the same girl who has a hard time speaking up to her teachers when she feels low.

Ally had soccer practice the other night.  The coach brought treats to celebrate their hard work in the weekend's game.  She had ice cream sandwiches and popsicles.  As she passed them out she told the girls to choose one or the other.  Ally looked over at me for approval, I nodded giving her the go ahead.  Then I said, "Ally, check the box."  (She knew that meant to check the carb count so that I could give her insulin to cover the carbs when we would reconnect her insulin pump at the end of practice just a few minutes later.)

The coach heard me ask Ally to check the box and she said, "It's ok.  The popsicles are sugar free."  I'm sure that she thought (as many do) that sugar free means that Ally can have them free of needing insulin.  (Not the case...sugar free popsicle = 4 carbs.)   

In some instances, possibly including this one following an hour of soccer practice, we would not cover those 4 carbs with insulin.  Sometimes we do.  However, my point was that they still have carbs and for us, carbs = insulin.

But none of that actually mattered because Ally picked the ice cream sandwich!  (Don't blame her.  I couldn't have helped myself either!) 

She looked at the box and yelled "20 carbs, Mom!"  Coach said, "You can't have that.  Have a sugar free popsicle instead."  Ally did not skip a beat saying, "Well, those still have carbs and I can eat whatever I want as long as I have insulin for it!"

Now, I really like her soccer coach.  And while I do appreciate that she was thinking about Ally when she made these purchases, I was disappointed that, once again, my words had gone in one ear and out the other!

But most importantly, I was so proud of Ally for speaking up!



  1. Way to go Ally!! I know how hard that must have been for her to say!! She is growing up! Isn't it nice to know that when she has to she will stick up for herself. Hope she enjoyed ALL the ice cream sandwich!!

  2. Good for her... glad she spoke up for herself!

  3. that a girl Ally!!

    and I hear ya with the in one ear and out the other.UGH!!

  4. "Well, those still have carbs and I can eat whatever I want as long as I have insulin for it!"

    Love it! :)

  5. Woohoo!!! WTG speaking up for herself! I'm proud of her too!
    And I just have to add that just reading the coaches words grated on my annoys me to the ends of the earth when people are ready to tell me or my daughter what she CAN'T have....especially after I've explained that she CAN have anything in most instances

  6. Great that Ally is defending herself from the food police! She will need to keep doing this, sadly.... Because her assertions will be met with skepticism, in many cases. No child likes to be different. You need to have another talk with the coach. But it does go in one ear and out the other; absolutely.

  7. Great job Ally :) !! I know you must be so PROUD of her..

  8. I know you must be SO proud of her! Great job Ally :)

  9. AWESOME JOB!! Love that she spoke up!
    I bet the coach won't ever forget that!!

  10. Yeah for her being comfortable enough to speak up and able to know that she truly is right :)

  11. Yay Ally!! A million times over...yay Ally!!!

  12. Way to go Ally! I know I shouldn't but coachs comment enraged me, so glad she told it like it is!


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