February 10, 2011

2 Years Ago Today...

2 Years Ago Today...February 10, 2009...Allison was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 5. 

I have never written her diagnosis story and planned on doing that for my post today.  However, I have once again changed my tune :)  If you have been reading Life is Like a Box of Chocolates this week, you know that I have been hosting some guest bloggers - and they are speaking from experience, as they are PWD (people with diabetes).  As a D-Mama, I am gaining so much insight from these Type 1 bloggers and I am so grateful for their perspectives. 

The first guest post was "Diabetes Doesn't Define You" by Sarah at I Don't Have Diabetes I've Got "Tha Suga".  Then Haley from Naturally Sweet wrote a sweet letter to Ally in  "Every Day is a New Day for You to Shine".  Well, today I have another treat for you! 

The guest blogger today does not blog about diabetes; she just lives with it. 

My Sweet Allison has something to share.  She wanted to write a letter back to Haley.  The funny thing is that when we read the letter from Haley at the beginning of the week, she wanted to respond right away.  Then she asked me if I could hold onto it and make sure that we sent it to her on Thursday, February 10.  So here it goes...

Dear Haley,

Thank you for your letter. I’ve had Diabetes for 2 years. Today is February 10th the day I was diagnosed with Diabetes. And guess what? Today is the 100th day of school too!

My dad wasn't home when I was diagnosed but he met us at the hospital in time.  Being in the hospital wasn't fun at all.  I had to have a needle in my arm, they were pricking my finger all night Sad , I got a lot of shots, and I couldn’t eat a lot of food. It was hard to go to the bathroom too because there was a needle in my arm and a big cord on it. Everybody had to go in there with me which I hated. Angry

It was kind of fun when people brought me food to eat though. I also liked it when people came to visit me and brought me presents. My favorite present was the really big stuffed penguin that my kindergarten class gave me. My teacher, Mrs. Pangalangan, came to visit me in the hospital and gave it to me, so I named him the Pangalangan Penguin.

I think you are very nice because you said nice things to me. Your letter made me happy. You really made me want to go to diabetes camp.  If I get to go to diabetes camp, I will write to you and tell you all about it.Smile

Red heart Ally

And she has some things to say to Sarah too...stay tuned!



  1. Aw - how very sweet. Great, great guest blog! Well done!

  2. Ally, you are a brave little girl! Through your wonderful guest blog, you are able to help other kids out there that are just starting their journey with diabetes. You ROCK!!!

  3. What a sweetheart! Great post, Ally!!

  4. Ally- Thanks for the reply! Your diagnoses story sounds a lot like mine- not fun!
    I cant wait to hear about how much you love camp! You are a great writer, I think that you should start your own blog when your older.
    Happy D-day Ally!

    Haley <3

  5. What an amazing letter that Ally wrote - she is so brave and sweet. Her D-Day is near V-Day a very special time to remember that you are loved and you make this world a much better place.
    I am Haley's mom and I am so proud of her and you Ally and of her new friends that she has found this year from all of your beautiful blogers.

    Ally- I hope you have a great day 100th day of school!

  6. Very sweet guest blog! Happy D-day (or as we call it in our home "Dia-versary" Ally!

  7. Ally have a great 100th day of school and I hope you do something fun today to celebrate life. (((HUGS)))

  8. What a sweetheart! Diabetes camp will be such a blessing for her, I'm sure!

    Congrats on years of showing diabetes how awesome you are!

  9. So sweet! What a wonderful post! :)

  10. Ally is quote the littel author! How fun to post this. I agree with Haley that Ally should follow in her mama's footsteps and start her pwn blog when she is older!

  11. Thinking of you guys today!! What a sweet post!!

  12. what a great post! and so nice of her to do this. you have been such a huge insperation to me this year! THANK you for your posts and you conments on my blog they are always so wonderful!

  13. love this post! What a doll! Happy D day guys, stay blessed! Xoxo

  14. what a sweet letter! head over to my blog to enter a give a way!

  15. Stuff is NOT showing up on my dashboard... I DON"T GET IT!!!!!!!!

    I am so sorry Misty... I have missed so much.

  16. What a fun little exchange! Thank you so much for sharing the letters from the girls, and so much for some good reads. Hope it was a steady and smooth diaversary on your end! Looking forward to following the future guest-posts as the journey progresses.

  17. My gosh, I cry every time I read your blog. Ally is such a little sweetheart!!
    Please tell her I said that if she does go to camp, we all want to read about it. I absolutely LOVED my d-camp years. It helped me SO much, not to mention it was totally awesome to be around other diabetics that understood me. It's like a whole new world that makes D a little easier for a week. :-)


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