February 8, 2011

Guest Blogger: "Every Day is a New Day for you to Shine!"

In case you missed my Diabetes Doesn't Define You post yesterday, today is the second of a very special series of posts.  I am hosting a few guest bloggers here on Life is Like a Box of Chocolates.  These posts by guest bloggers are extra special because they are written by People With Diabetes (PWD).  I am so grateful to them for sharing their perspective with us - a perspective that I so long to have in hopes of better understanding what my T1 daughter goes through.

Today I am so excited to share something so incredibly sweet from a PWD.  And it couldn't have come from a sweeter gal....Haley from Naturally Sweet! 

Haley is the youngest blogger that I personally follow.  She was also one of the first blogs that I read written by a Type 1 person herself.  I read many blogs, most of which are written by D Mamas, so when I found Naturally Sweet, I was really captivated.  The first post that I read by Haley was Deathly Mistakes, where she told us about one of her experiences as a new driver, who happens to have type 1 diabetes.  That was one of the first times that I clearly remember thinking about Ally as a teenager, who also happens to have type 1 diabetes.  I got chills and then I wanted to read more.  I hope that I will be able to follow Haley and other PWD's blogs for a long time and continue to gain a new perspective!

Haley wrote a priceless letter to my 7 year old daughter and I can't wait for you to read it!

Dear Allison,

I’m Haley.  I’ve been a diabetic for six whole years!  I’m friends with your mom and I get to read about you every day!  Your mom tells me how strong and silly you are!  Ally, I want you to know that you are doing something so amazing and hard.  Your life is different from all your friends.  You do an amazing job taking care of yourself.  I understand about those days where you want to cry and slam doors- I’ve done it too!  A lot of days diabetes just stinks.

But sometimes having diabetes is a good thing.  My absolutely favorite thing about having diabetes is that I get to go to a camp every summer.  This summer will be my 6th year at camp.  I started only a few months after I got diabetes.  I didn't like the idea and I was nervous about making friends.  However, I must tell you that going to diabetes camp was the best choice we have ever made.  I made friends for life and it completely changed my outlook on diabetes.  Personally I feel there is nothing better than being around people who understand your diabetes.  I have so many friends with diabetes now!  My favorite part about it is we get to test out blood sugars together.  Sometimes I’ll call my friends up telling them I’m high, and they will say “omg me too!” it makes it so much easier to deal with.  At my camp we get to stay in really cool cabins with bunk beds!  Every day we do activities such as play sports, arts and crafts, kayak on the lake, go rock climbing, swimming in the pool, and so much more!  Every night we do special activities like have a luau, a dance, and play flash light tag.  We also do cabin pranks; which are always a laugh.  One year the boys cabin came in and put toilet paper all over the cabin!  We got back at them by stealing their underwear and hanging it up on the flag pole for everyone to see!!  Diabetes camp is definitely my favorite part of the year.  I guarantee you will absolutely love your diabetes camp.

I believe you are an incredible girl.  You will grow up and do extraordinary things.  Don’t let anybody tell you that your different, and certainly do not let diabetes slow you down.  As long as you remember that you are Allison, not Allison with diabetes, then you will go very far.  You are unbearably strong.  I was much older than you when I was diagnosed and I don’t believe I could ever have the kind of courage you do.  Every day is a new day for you to shine and show the world that nothing will ever bring you down.  Keep your head up and remember you are amazing!

Much love,


Big hugs to you Sweet Haley for writing such a meaningful letter to my litte girl.  We have printed it and will keep it forever!



  1. Oh man... I'm choking up over here. What a beautiful gift from Sweet Haley to Sweet Allison.

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! This letter is amazing and such a blessing for your daughter. I am in tears reading this, it's so good for me...as a d-mama, to hear the reassuring words from a PWD who is living this everyday and can speak to us with such knowledge and wisdom.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter with all of us in the DOC. I am LOVING your guest posts :)

  3. So sweet! I am blessed to be Haley's D-mama and I couldn't be prouder of her, she just called me from school and was so excited to share the good news that her guest blog was posted. I read it and got tears in my eyes because I see that Ally is such a beautiful girl and I know that Haley really understands all the frustrations of having Type 1 and she will always be there for Ally.

    God Bless Our Children!!

  4. @Amy, You should be SO proud of Haley! She is so sweet and so amazing! What a role model for my little girl :) I want to write about my reaction to her letter and also Ally's reaction to it..but every time I start writing I get choked up.

    I am so happy to know you both!

  5. Haley! What a really sweet thing to write to Ally. And for Amy . . . . Wow. Is this what we might maybe lok forward to? What a beautiful daughter you have.

    This is sooooooo cool, Misty!

  6. Haley your words mean so much to all of us raising type 1 children. This is a hard job, difficult doesn't even begin to describe it. I appreciate your perspective, your positive nature, your outlook, and your words of wisdom to Ally.

    Misty...this series is phenomenal. Thank you.

  7. What an amazing letter from one amazing girl to another! Love your shift of focus Misty!!


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