February 4, 2011

Good Friday to you!

I was just reading Amy's post on Three Thirty Three about Good Fridays.  She took the lead from the Diapeepees blog and it looks fun to me!  You can read more about Good Fridays here.

I think it is a fantastic idea to focus on happy happenings of the week. I often wonder if people will stop reading my blog if all I write about is the "unfriendliness" of diabetes. So, here we go....my top three, non-diabetic, happy occurrences of this week....
Happy Good Friday to you!

1.   Having my girls home on "snow days" is awesome!  I really do miss them when they are gone for 8 1/2 hours each day.  We had extra time to play board games, read stories together and just do "girly stuff" (you know, paint fingernails, put on make-up, that kind of stuff!)

2.  Finding new, healthy recipes that my family loves is rewarding!  I recently picked up a couple of great cookbooks with fun recipes for kids with diabetes (oh, you'll have to wait to hear about those!!!  And oh no! Did I break the rules???  This is supposed to be non-diabetes "happies".  Well, it's healthy eating, not diabetes eating!!).  Ally and I had fun planning and preparing several meals together this week.  The kids didn't even know that they were eating healthy!!

3.  Watching my girls giggle while watching a play at the Town Hall Theatre is priceless!  My girls love going to the local children's theatre.  We had the opportunity to go to a Berenstain Bear's play this week with 5 of their cousins.  What a fun night!

So those are some of our happy moments this week.  Won't you share yours next week?



  1. You sooooooo cheated on number 2! ;)

    Seriously, don't you just love taking a few moments to share some GOOD things from the week? It's like a breath of fresh air.

    Love the children's theatre, btw. Great reminder to check out the schedule!

  2. Great non-D "Happy" moments Misty. I love the Berenstein Bears!

  3. HELLO! RECIPES PULEASE....dying over here for some new stuff :)

  4. Yay! We just saw those Bears tonight!!!

  5. Yay for Happiness and Good Fridays! Love your list :)

  6. I LOVE your happy moments!!! =) This is a great idea for Fridays!


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