February 1, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!

Today was another "snow day" and the kids were home from school.  With all of the power outages around us, it looks like tomorrow may be the same.  It is actually due to the quarter inch of ice that we have covering everything! 

The weathermen have been warning us for days that this storm was coming.  Although the report changed from day to day, it would appear that we were right in the line to receive something!  (Possibly rain, possibly a wintery mix of freezing rain and ice, possibly snow!)  How bad it would be...well, just like always, we'd wait and see.  My kids did their normal "snow dance" and bedtime routine of wearing pjs inside out and backwards, putting a spoon under their pillow, flushing an ice cube down the toilet, and sleeping at the wrong end of their beds.  Check out what I found when I went in to check Ally's blood sugar at midnight.

Love it!
I went to the grocery Monday - because this is the day that I usually go to the grocery.  Thank you to the hype that the weathermen had given this storm...so did EVERYONE else in my neighborhood and beyond!  Everyone was there to stock up before the storm. 

And, I let the pressure of the frenzy get to me, I did stock up on a few extra items just in case! 

I remember once, about 12 years ago, when we were stuck for 2 weeks because of ice!  I was teaching first grade at the time and we literally did not have school one day for 2 whole weeks - it took that long for the ice to melt.  I remember my roommate and I going stir crazy in our 2 bedroom apartment.  Luckily, that was a once in a lifetime ( I hope! ) experience.

Remembering that ice storm and this grocery frenzy got me thinking.  How are my levels of D supplies (insulin, test strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, lidocaine cream, ketone strips, juice, glucose tablets)?  What if the UPS man can't get here to deliver the pump supplies that we are running low on (reservoirs, infusion sets, sensors).  So many things that I could run out of.  Would I be able to get to the pharmacy if we were "stranded" here for a couple of days?   If our power goes out (it's already flickering and I'm nervous) what do I need to make sure to think of?  Insulin has to stay cold...well that shouldn't be a problem since its freezing outside and I know where to find plenty of ICE!  What else?

Well, I really hope that I don't find out the answer to those questions...but it makes a girl think!

Stay safe..and warm!



  1. You are such a good Mom Misty :)
    I love that note!!!

  2. I remember that storm. It was my first year- teaching K at a year round school. Crazy! We only missed a few days because we were on break.

    Love the note! Our power went off for a minute. Long enough to scare Sweetpea! Fingers crossed that it stays on in the boro all night!!

    I think as long as you have supplies... With the cold weather we could keep insulin cold by putting it in the garage. Outside and it would freeze. I worry more about losing power when it's hot. At least where D is concerned!!

    Stay warm!!

  3. Honestly...the note is hilarious! So cute.

    And...funny you mentioned the supply thing, I too was thinking of that. We are getting a blizzard today. SNOW DAY for the Maher Kids! WOOT.

  4. That note is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  5. The note warms my heart... which is good - cuz its cold here too!!!! (Yes, living in AZ makes me a wimp... and YES 30's and 40's IS cold for us!!!) ;o)

    I would have never thought of the supplies thing. Thats the sort of thing my hubby would ponder, though... so I'll have to ask him if we're prepared. =)

  6. OMG - that note is so funny! I bet nate would post the same thing if he could talk or write!! HAHA!

    I'm a D supply hoarder!! Iam ready in case of an emergency, baby!!

  7. Don't prick my toes?????? Only hilarious to those in the know! Too cute.

    Add my husband to the list of supply hoarders. He wants a second supply cabinet full of 3 additional months of supplies! I told him he would need to get a 2nd job in order to pay for all of that ;)

  8. I have missed SO much during my time away.
    That note is so funny... Love it!!


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