September 7, 2011

Where'd Da Giwls Go, Mama?

The older girls have been back at school for 2 weeks now.  We are slowly getting back into the groove and the regular routine.  Well, that is all of us except for Lexi!  She misses her big sisters so much!  I really wish that I could have a dollar for everytime she asks where the girls are.  I think that trip to Friends For Life that we've been saving for would be paid for!

"Where'd da giwls go, Mama?"

I have to say that I am enjoying the one-on-one time with Lexi.  She was born just 6 months after Ally's type 1 diagnosis and I think that much of her early life was spent waiting her turn for things.  (Contrary to the typical order of prioritization with a newborn!)

Lexi and I are enjoying morning walks, playing outside, reading books, even folding laundry together (er..unfolding as she likes to do!).  Yesterday, we were outside playing.  As I started pulling some weeds, I noticed that Lexi became very interested in the mulch. I watched her pick something up and study it.  I figured that it was a bug –yeah she does that!

She brought it to me saying “SHOOGA! Mommy, Ally’s SHOOGA!”

It was a test strip.  She calls them "Ally's Sugar".

Man those things are everywhere! It’s funny when we visited another D-family’s house recently, I saw one on the floor and forgetting where I was quickly grabbed it up thinking it must have fallen off of one of us! You know, out of our shoes, stuck to the bottom of my bag, from the back of my hair...EVERYWHERE I tell you!



  1. awww...she is so incredibly adorable. The one on one time is precious isn't it? Right now we're just getting use to our new routine, too!

  2. So sweet! I woke up with one attached to my... chest area... the other day!

  3. She is stinkin' adorable! Love the toddler speak . . . miss it, too. I did love spending time my my little ones still at home. Such a precious time devoted to just them.

  4. Oh, my gosh, Misty!!! Where's your baby??? She's getting SO big!!! And adorable!!!

    Shooga -- love that!!!

  5. Those pics of your daughter are just the sweetest. Her little feet! How lovely these little ones are.

  6. a-dor-able!
    yes, those suckers get everywhere!!!

  7. Ditto what Hallie said. I so had one there too! ;) But I was thinking the same thing as you. How do they get EVERYWHERE!?! :) I am pretty sure I don't just check 'em and chunk 'em, but by the look of my pile of dust and test strips after I swept the other day, I feel like I must just skip through the house throwing them like a flower girl! :) Glad you are getting some one on one time with your sweet girl. :)
    This is Leigh from (I think google hates me sometimes!!)

  8. I love her name for test strips!!! She is adorable and I am so happy that you are getting some alone time with your youngest. NOW, can you guys come over here and do some weeding?


  9. So happy you are enjoying your time with Lexi! She's one smart cookie!

  10. I know Lexi misses her sisters but I am glad that you and Lexi have some good quality time together. You are a wonderful Mom. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.
    Love, Aunt Sherry

  11. She's SO CUTE!!!!
    Those things are EVERYWHERE!!!!

  12. She is soooo cute! I am so glad we are not the only ones that find those things everywhere. Just this morning I found two laying in the hallway. We find them in the car in our beds everywhere I look I seem to see them.

  13. Little late here, but man! We are in the same boat! Jack was only 4 months old when Ellie was diagnosed. We often refer to him as the neglected one. I think back and swear that little boy sat in a swing for 2 - 6 months after Ellie was diagnosed! Ellie started Kindergarten this year and now it's just Jack and I during the day. He misses having Ellie around but does enjoy all the one on one attention he gets during the day. Once the fog of diagnosis lifted (about 6 months after Ellie was diagnosed) the fog of guilt settled in for Jack...I then focused a lot on him...but as you know, D always wins the attention game, so now I really do feel like I can give him the one on one I would have given him from the beginning! Your post totally spoke to me, thanks for sharing! By the way, Jack tends to chew on test strips he finds...makes me nuts! I think he thinks they are sticks of gum! HA! I blame that behavior on the neglect early in life! haha! ((hugs))


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