August 28, 2011

Join me for WEGO Health’s Webinar - Health Activists: Advocating for Others

The day that my daughter became a PWD - Person With Diabetes - (well, actually a CWD - Child With Diabetes!), I became a parent of a CWD.  Being a parent is both a joy and a challenge.  Being a parent/caregiver of a child with special health needs is still a joy, but proves to be an even bigger challenge!

I just registered for WEGO Health’s exciting new webinar and I wanted to share with everyone. Here are the particulars:

What:  Health Activists: Advocating for Others

Who:    Health Activist Discussion with Health Activists Marla Murasko and Janeen Zumerling

When:  Monday, August 29th at 8pm eastern (the webinar will last one hour)

Where: Sign up here and you’ll get all the details

This webinar focuses on the joys and challenges that come with being a caregiver for someone else, especially for parents focused on the health needs of their children. Marla and Janeen will share their own personal stories as caregivers and will discuss ways to educate and empower yourself to be a better, more effective caregiver while also maintaining your health.

The webinar is for anyone who spends time helping to manage another’s health or caring for a patient. Whether you’re a caregiver for a special needs child, advocating for your aging parents or relatives, or just want to know more about balancing your own needs with those of someone else, the webinar will offer something for everyone.

By signing up you’ll also have a chance to ask specific questions of the Health Activists involved and you’ll get access to the archived version of the webinar!

I am looking forward to some great information from Marla and Janeen!

**This post is my entry into WEGO Health's "Advocating for Others Contest."



  1. "This webinar focuses on the joys and challenges that come with being a caregiver for someone else." This could give caregivers a refreshing outlook as to how significant their roles are, discussing the joys of their jobs and the fulfillment it comes along with.
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  2. This is a good advocacy to raise awareness in health. There needs to be more events like this.

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