October 6, 2010

Sweet Ally's Meme

Oooooh!  We love to play tag!  Heidi and Jack at D-Tales started this cute Kids With Diabetes MeMe.

Then they passed it on to Tracy and the Superhero from The Superhero and the Princess. They sent it on to Reyna and Joe from Beta Buddies who then bounced it on over to Kris and Bumble Bee from My Sugar Bugs.  They handed it off to Meri and her 3 Boys from Our Diabetic Life, who gave it to Lora and Justin from My Diabetic Child.  And they have tagged Me and my sweet Ally.

So let's see Ally's take on things...
(Please forgive my comments on her answers, I couldn't help myself.)

What is your name?
Ally...(Followed by lots of giggling.  Oh my, I bet she's high right now, maybe this isn't the best time to do this!)

How old are you?
7 going on 8...almost 8!  (Her birthday is not until April!)

When were you diagnosed with diabetes?
February 10, 2009  (I didn't know she knew this!)

Do you remember what happened when you were diagnosed or how you felt? 
In the morning, I was like...you thought I was being silly because you woke me up for school and you thought I was being silly and when we went downstairs I wouldn't even let you do my hair or anything I just layed down on the couch.  I felt sick and when we dropped Jessi off at school....Mrs. P (her kindergarten teacher) saw me and she said I hope you feel better..come back to school soon. I didn't feel like doing anything.  You took me to the doctor and they couldn't help so they said you have to go to the emergency room.  They pricked my finger and I was super HI...it seemed like I was low now that I know something about it.

Do finger pokes or shots [or site insertions/infusion set changes] hurt?
No.  Barely.  Sometimes.

What is a high number?
Really, kind of like, on me...when you prick my finger 250 is high, but for my CGM it only alarms for 350...for now.

What is a low number? 
Below 70.

What does low blood sugar feel like?  
Sometimes it feels kind of shaky, yeah shaky.  It kind of feels like when I was first diagnosed...not as sick though.  (That's interesting.)

What’s your favorite way to treat a low? 
(Big smile....)  Eat cheesy crackers.  (Ok, we've never used cheesy crackers to treat a low.) 
Juice mostly...glucose tabs.

How do you feel when your blood sugar level is high?
Hyper...hahaha.  (Yep, we are gonna check her BG as soon as we get finished with this!)

What’s the best thing about having diabetes? 
Meeting new friends....really nothing.

What’s the worst thing about having diabetes?
Everything...almost everything!  (Can you think of one thing?)  Ummm.....site changes and finger pricks.

Do you worry much about diabetes? 
I'm not scared of it, but I just don't like it.

If one of your friends were diagnosed with diabetes, what would you say to that friend?  
Well, I don't like it.  I don't think you'll like it either.

What’s your favorite food?  
Mac-n-cheese, but my favorite dessert is dirt cake.

What’s your favorite snack?  

What’s your favorite low-carb food? 
Cheese stick, salami & cream cheese.

Do you know what a blog is? 
It's like a ...a blog is like a website only its only when you list it in your favorites.

Do you know that I blog about diabetes?
Yes..everything is on your blog!

Do you care? 
No, not really.

Why do you think I blog about diabetes?  
To tell everybody to donate money to JDRF!  (Any other reasons?)  So they can learn things about diabetes.

What’s your biggest wish?  
That we can find a cure... and to be magic!

Who’s your best friend? 
I have a LOT of best friends, but Morgan is my best best friend.

What do you like about him/her/them? 
A lot of things...(Can you give me one thing?)  Um....let's see...she's nice.

What’s your favorite thing to do?  
Ride on the neighbor's UTV and play with my friends.

Do you have a hero? 
Mrs. C (Aww...that's her 1st grade teacher - from last year!)

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
If there is no cure, I'll be a scientist.  If there is, I'll probably be a teacher.

Who’s your favorite person in the whole wide world? 
Mrs. C (Again with the 1st grade teacher :)  She is pretty special!)

Are you afraid of anything? 

Fill in the blank.  Ally is___________. There is no right or wrong answer.
Ally is...a kid with diabetes. And she likes red.  Or Ally is nice.

Ally wanted to tag Sweetpea "because she's so cute!" 

So, Hallie and Sweetpea, you're IT!



  1. What a cutie! And wow! She really remembers her diagnosis day. Impressive memory!

  2. OK, Spill IT. What was her post MeMe blood glucose? LOL. When is her birthday in April? Joe turns 8 on April 29th.

    Mrs. C sounds like a dream boat.


    I love what she'd say to her friend...."I don't like it. I don't think you'll like it either."

    Seriously....that's my kind of girl. Getting straight to the point :)

  4. Awww, what a doll! I can almost hear her cute voice in those answers!

  5. I enjoyed reading her answers. She's a cutie!

    She wants to a scientist to cure diabetes, if there isn't a cure already! Oh, man, is that telling?!

    I love that she smiled and said cheesy crackers. So cute that she was playing with you!

  6. I love reading these MeMe about the kids! I like that she wants to be a scientist to cure diabetes! You go girl!!


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