October 18, 2010

A Super Awesome Giveaway

This week's Sugar Bolus is being hosted by The Superhero and the Princess.  Have you entered in one of the totally cool giveways yet?  Well, let me give you a couple of good reasons to enter.

First, I WON!!!  I can tell you first hand how cool it is to get free stuff!  I was the lucky winner of the Sugar Bolus hosted by Jen at I Am Your Pancreas last week.  Thanks Jen!

And Second, this week's giveaway is a Super Awesome one!  Tracy at The Superhero and the Princess has not one, not two, but three awesome prizes.  AND not only that...she even has a prize for a runner-up or two.  If you want to know what her awesome prizes are...just click right here for the Super Awesome Giveaway!


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