October 26, 2010

D Takes a Back Seat

For possibly the first time EVER (well, since 2.10.09 anyway), Diabetes took a back seat last night.

Lexi has had strep throat, but has been on an antibiotic for 3 days and I thought she was getting better. 

Ally's soccer team made the tournament, so they had an extra practice scheduled last night. 

We were rushing around in our usual..."get off the bus at 4, check BG, hurry up and do homework, eat dinner, put soccer clothes on and get to practice by 6" mode.  Lexi was really cranky, I felt her and thought boy she feels really warm.  Fever is 103*!!!  How did that happen?  She had seemed fine all day.

In the midst of this chaos, Jessi somehow fell and landed on her arm.  She is a tough cookie, who takes plenty of spills.  So, when she was complaining that it really hurt and her arm was just hanging there, I figured we'd better go have it checked out.

You see where this is going?  My younger 2 girls, the non-D ones, were on the forefront of my mind...which is completely out of the ordinary.  Ally is usually my first thought, at all times.

So, Keith and I traded off at the soccer field.  He had taken Ally to practice.  I arrived, traded him for Jessi, and stayed at the soccer field with Ally (and a cranky Lexi in tow) for the second half of her practice.  He left for Urgent Care.  I was worrying about Lexi's fever and trying to get her to drink something...anything!  And I was worried about Jessi...she's usually so tough, but was really hurting :(

Soccer practice ended, Ally came off the field.  First thing I always say is, "Let's get your pump back on." (We take it off for soccer.)  I realized that Keith had brought her to practice and left in a hurry with Jessi.  "Where is your diabetes bag?" (Which holds all the usual - blood glucose meter, juice, etc etc...oh yeah, and right now HER INSULIN PUMP!) 

She says "Daddy has it."  I panic....WHAT?!!?  Now, it's bad enough when we forget her diabetes bag and are temporarily without her meter or fast acting carb, but her pump...that thing that keeps her alive????  We jumped in the car and I started calling Keith's cell phone and texting him.  No answer.  I decided to guess which Urgent Care he had taken Jessi to and drive there to retrieve the goods.  As I pulled out of the park, my phone started ringing.  "Keith!  You have her pump!"  He told me to calm down (that's a usual comment that he makes to me :)  Then he said that the diabetes bag was sitting on the bleachers at the soccer field.  Oh my goodness!  We turned around and made our way back to the field.  And yes, almost in the dark, we were able to retrieve the pump.  (I decided not to lecture him about leaving a $6000 life-saving bag unattended on the bleachers!)  All ended well.

**(Ok, I'm updating this since I forgot to tell you what happened with Jessi's arm.  Jessi has had Nursemaid Elbow before, and they say that once it happens it can happen again more easily.  Basically it's when your elbow pops out of place...not fun and very painful!  The doctor popped it back into place and did xrays to make sure there were no fractures.  After a little motrin and a really big brownie she is doing just fine.  As a side note...if you read about Nursemaid Elbow, it implies that this is caused by a parent yanking on a child's arm.  Both times we have taken her in for this they make you feel like a big loser!  But the reality is that she fell BOTH times that this happened!)
Jessi assures me that she will be able to hold her trick or treat pumpkin with no problem!

And on another note....I am so proud of my friend Hallie for taking the Driver's Seat and advocating for Type 1 Awareness last night.  To read about her speaking engagement at the Lion's Club, visit The Princess and The Pump!  Her words are very moving.



  1. What a crazy evening! Glad you found the bag, with the PUMP!

    How is Jessi's arm? I hope Lexi is feeling better!

  2. Thats crazy! A couple of months back, my pump somehow came undone from the tubing and fell out of my pocket. It was in the parking lot of the store I went to. It was 2 hours before I realized it was gone because it was so crazy. I went back to the parking lot, and there was Pumpsley, poor thing had been run over too! I know the PANIC of misplacing a pump! NO FUN! Hope everything has calmed down! :)

  3. Ah WOW what an evening! What happened with Jessi's arm? Is it OK? I sure hope so...and I hope Lexi is feeling better today. You have a lot going on girl!

  4. How is Jessi's arm??????
    I'm so glad you got the pump but I am totally worried about that arm!!

  5. That sounds like a one crazy evening! I'm glad everything worked out. By the way, where did you get that cuter then cute diabetes bag?? :)

  6. Heather, the bag is from Thirty-One. At one time they had a Kids Catalog, not sure if they still do or not. Ally really likes to carry this one:)

  7. I'm so glad all girls are ok! Poor Jessi! And Lexi, too! I would have totally freaked out if our bag was in the bleachers! I can just see you driving like a mad woman to go fetch it! And thanks for the Love! :)


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