October 21, 2010

In Your Honor

For Eilish
This virtual candle is lit in your honor.

I have been staring at my computer for hours...not even sure that I have the words in me to express my deep sympathy to the family of a sweet 13 year old girl, Eilish, who was taken from them all too soon.  Eilish had Type 1 Diabetes.  She passed away in the night.  She is not the first sweet child with Type 1 Diabetes to go to sleep and never awake in the morning.  No one really has a good explanation for why this happens.  (To read about "Dead in Bed Syndrome" click HERE.)

I did not know Eilish or her family personally.  Although, Type 1 Diabetes is personal for me...And maybe that is why I am so heartbroken for this family.

This is why we don't sleep through the night EVER!  This is why we Walk for a Cure.  This is why I get so frustrated when people say things like "...at least her diabetes is controlled."  Type 1 Diabetes is not "controlled."  I loved the way that Reyna at Beta Buddies put it.  It was exactly what I wanted to say, but in better words, so I asked her if it was ok to quote her.
"Type 1 diabetes is difficult, at best, to manage. It is not a beast to be "controlled". It can kill. The medication used to treat type 1 Diabetes is insulin. Insulin is a hormone. Insulin is deadly if too large of a dose is given. Insulin can cause seizures, coma, and even death. Insulin is the only treatment for type 1 diabetes. Without insulin, persons with type 1 diabetes would die. 
Diabetes affects EVERY organ system in a persons body. These people look totally "normal" from the outside, while this disease wreaks havoc on their vasculature and organs."
Yesterday, after I learned of this tragedy, I was kind of like a zombie walking around my house.  Was it because I'm tired?  Partly.  Because I'm in shock or denial?  Mostly.  Ally was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a year and eight months ago.  Sometimes I think that it is possible that I am still in shock.  When I hear about the death of another child because of T1 diabetes, it really shakes me up!  Could this be my reality?  Do I have to worry every day and night that this could happen to my precious little girl?  That I could not bear.  I am definitely in denial...and today I am shaken!

So, this morning, when Ally came back in for that second hug, I didn't say "Hurry up, you'll miss the bus!"  And when she hugged me and said, "I want to stay here and snuggle you all day," I almost caved and let her!

Hug all of your precious children a little bit tighter today....God Bless the family of Eilish.

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  1. You honored her and her family well my friend. Please give your family a big (((HUG))) from the Mahers. We are all in this together.

  2. Beautiful post....God bless our precious babies.

  3. i'm at a loss for words, beautiful, misty.


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