November 4, 2011

Happy BLUE Friday!

Blue Fridays is an initiative to bring attention to World Diabetes Day, and to advocate and bring awareness for diabetes and the people living with it. Diabetes is more than a national issue; it's a world epidemic. This year, I want to rally the diabetes community to celebrate World Diabetes Day and Diabetes Awareness Month by asking people to wear blue every Friday during the Month of November and on World Diabetes Day (November 14). Please help spread the word.
Thank you,
Cherise Shockley
Diabetes Social Media Advocacy

Thanks to Cherise for rallying the troops!  We will be wearing BLUE every Friday this month.  Won't you join us?


Diabetes Fact #1: Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks and destroys the insulin producing cells in the pancreas.

Diabetes Fact #2: No one knows exactly what causes type 1 diabetes. However, it IS known that it is NOT caused by poor diet or lack of exercise. Scientists believe that both genetic and environmental factors are involved.

Diabetes Fact #3: Type 1 diabetes, sometimes referred to as Juvenile Diabetes, can strike at ANY age.

Diabetes Fact #4:  Type 1 diabets can occur suddenly and causes a dependence on insulin for life. Until a there is a cure.

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  1. What a great blue-wearing trio you have there! Thanks for sharing that, and educating and advocating online and offline!


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