May 12, 2011

Ten things I hate about you, Diabetes


Ten things I hate about you, Diabetes:  Having a positive attitude is important . . . but let’s face it, diabetes isn’t all sunshine and roses (or glitter and unicorns, for that matter). So today let’s vent by listing ten things about diabetes that we hate. Make them funny, make them sarcastic, make them serious, make them anything you want them to be!!

Dear  Darn You Diabetes,

I am tired of playing nice and pretending that you will eventually come around to my reverse psychology.  So here it goes, today I'm gonna let you have it!  I hate you, Diabetes!  Let me count the ways...

1.   I hate that you have made tiny black holes on the ends of my little girl's fingertips!

2.   I hate that you don't ever give her a break!  You manage to intrude on many special occasions, like birthday parties.  Didn't your Mama teach you that you do not invite yourself to parties?

3.   I hate that my super sweet girl ever, even for one minute, thought that she was going to die!  Die-a-betes, please consider changing your name, won't you?

4.   I hate that when my beautiful daughter wants to wear a tank top you steal the show!  You see, she is such a pretty young girl, but then you go and draw attention to your ugly self.  Some might say that you are a sight for sore eyes site that causes sore eyes.  I hate that she feels embarrased when her pump site shows.

5.   I hate that she can't be a care-free kid!  She would love to jump on her bike and ride around the neighborhood without a care in the world.  But you are SO needy that you require her to take a backpack tag-a-long everywhere she goes. 

6.   I hate that you make it so difficult for Ally to have a sleepover at a friend's house!  Again, you're just too clingy! 

7.   I hate that every three days I have to pierce her skin just to appease you.  If you like needles so much, you should try acupuncture!
8.   I hate that I have to think about whether or not Ally will have a good job, and more importantly, good insurance when she is an adult.  I don't want her to have to choose between a car payment and prescription co-pays each month.

9.  I hate that you make my daughter cry!  I hate that you have power over her moods.  I hate how you make her feel.

10.  And last, I don't recall you asking to move in with my daughter.  You know, we had a very strict no dating until 30 policy...that didn't mean you could skip the dating and move right in!  If I pack your bags (test strips, alcohol swabs, meter, lancets, insulin bottles, syringes, pump, infusion sets, tubing, reservoirs, glucose tabs, glucagon, juicy juice...everything you need!), will you please move out now?

Ok, I only have time for ten but don't let that fool you into thinking that my list stops here.  I really, really hate you Diabetes! 

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  1. Those little black marks on the finger tips never fail to break my heart!

  2. I loved the "humorous" twist Misty. You are talented! do you do the cross-out with the line thingy? I have wondered that for awhile. I think I would like to try that on my blog sometime.

  3. I hate how it makes my girls cry too...

  4. Such a moving list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I hate those black marks too! And damn diabetes he does try and steal attention!

    Great list!

  6. Great list, Misty. I agree with all of these things. Especially #6. I don't know if I will EVER let her sleep over at a friends house and that makes me sad. :(

  7. I agree with so many on your list - especially the "di" part of diabetes.
    I'd like to send diabetes packing, too!


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