May 9, 2011

Admiring our differences...


So this is Diabetes Blog Week!  Karen at Bitter~Sweet organized this fantastic idea last year and I truly enjoyed reading around the DOC.  I am so excited to be participating in the 2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week this year!  To see a complete list of participants, click here.

Admiring our differences: Pick a type of blogger who is different from you and tell us why they inspire you - why you admire them - why it's great that we are all the same but different!

I am a parent of three beautiful girls.  But two years ago, I also became a "parent of a child with diabetes".  As any parent does, a parent of a child with diabetes looks out for their child, does their very best to make sure that they are safe, happy and healthy.  I would do anything in my power to ensure that Ally's outcome in life is the best one possible.  Enter diabetes.  How do you ensure that you are doing everything possible when you don't know what it's like to live with diabetes??? 

People living with Type 1 Diabetes.

I love to read blogs written by PWD.  They provide an insight that I will never have.  No matter how diligent I am.  No matter how many carbs I count.  No matter how much research I do.  No matter how many shots I give or site changes that I do.  No matter how many basal adjustments I make.  No matter how much sleep I lose ;)  I am an outsider to this disease.

When Ally is low, I can only guess how that may feel.  She has been too young to be able to adequately articulate the experiences of being high or low.  Sarah's post, He Held Me, and her experience with a bad low is etched in my mind, maybe forever.  Or at least until Ally can articulate what she feels.

Haley and Kelly teamed up to write about how much Diabetes Camp meant to them.  As hard as it is for a parent (who manages the majority of their child's D care) to send their child away for a week, they have given me the insight that I needed.  They showed me how very much Ally will benefit from this experience.

These are just a couple of examples of wonderfulness that I have found in the "bloggy people living with type 1 diabetes".  There are many, many more.  Every high, every low, every doctor's visit, every A1C, every prom, every wedding...they all give me a new perspective about my daughter's life with type 1 diabetes.  So thank you to all the T1s for sharing your stories.  Please continue to do so!

I feel such a sense of unity among the members of the DOC.  We are all fighting the same fight.  We are all fighting for the same goal.  But, today, I am especially grateful for the Type 1 Bloggers - the ones that know this disease inside and out - for sharing their experiences with me and helping me to do a better job as a parent of a child with diabetes.


Visit Bitter~Sweet to see all of the posts on this topic today!   And don't forget to check back tomorrow for "Letter writing day".



  1. Me the PWD Bloggers. The insight is powerful.

  2. Thank you for YOUR insight today, Misty! And, Happy Mother's Day ::muah::

  3. I remember the "He Held Me" post... it was a tough one to read. I worry about Justins future in that way too - will he meet someone who will be willing to take on D too.

    I think I the spouse posts are the hardest for me to read.

  4. Insight from parents of CWD has changed they way I view my diabetes. Thank you for sharing what it's like every day!

  5. Yep, same over here! Insight gained from PWDs is invaluable!

  6. I remember when I first read that post from Sarah too; frightening, but invaluable. Thanks for sharing and I totally agree.

  7. The unity I feel today and every day is overwhelming! The PWD Bloggers insight is invaluable!

  8. I agree completely...there is a huge sense of unity among the DOC, it's why I love it sooooo much!!!!

    Thanks for the great post...can't wait to read tomorrows :)

  9. Yes. I so often read them and they have no idea. I feel almost inferior to them. Their strength and insight is invaluable. I love their vulnerability in the sharing too.

  10. The unity I feel in this community is what makes it so special. We are not alone.

  11. me too!! so grateful that they let us parents inside their ups and downs...

  12. Ill never forget Sarahs post. Ever.

    Great post. I am feeling so honored to be part of this amazing group of people!

  13. I especially love reading the snarky posts from people with diabetes, my husband is pretty sarcastic so it's funny to hear his words echoed across the land about various aspects of d

  14. Awwww, and it's funny how my post today was the exact opposite. As a PWD, I love the insight and honesty of what being a parent to a child with diabetes is like. It's a side my own parents never showed me. So thank you!!


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