August 26, 2010

Water Bottle Fiasco!

It was a water bottle fiasco today!  I asked Ally's teacher that she be allowed to keep a water bottle in the classroom in case she is thirsty so that she does not have to go all the way down the looonnnggg hallway to the drinking fountain.  She was happy to oblige.  She did, however, ask that she keep it in her cubby (version of a locker in the classroom) so that water did not get "everywhere."  So that was the plan.  I carefully chose a water bottle that I thought would withstand the bumps and bruises of a 2nd grader.  Sent it to school.  She came back home with it.  WHAT? 

Turns out that after filling the water bottle, Ally did not properly screw the lid on.  Now you see where this is going...and I direct you back to the teachers comment about "not getting water everywhere."  AWESOME!
(That was sarcastic!)  Ally put her water bottle in said cubby as directed by the teacher.  She went back to her seat...all was well.  Until the end of the day when she went back to her cubby and found the water bottle tipped over, water dripping down from her cubby into other cubbies below!  AWESOME! (Yes, again!) 

Next she enlists help from the teacher (who I am only assuming is not at all pleased with this situation) to clean up the water spill.  I'm guessing that from her description she didn't drink much of the water during it appears that a Niagara Falls effect was happening at the cubbies!  Oh my!  AWESOME!  The water was cleaned up.  And then they discovered that her brand new Math workbook (which I only had to pay $25 for) was now ruined.  Not salvageable!  One more time...AWESOME!!!!!!!  Her teacher told her she'd have to see IF she could find her a new math book.  Then told her to take the water bottle home. 

Ally's BG shoots up when she is nervous, I checked her CGM...there was a bit of a spike right about the end of the day.  Poor thing.  I feel bad for her, even though it was her carelessness that caused it.  So now my question to you send a water bottle to school with your T1 child?  Do you have one that you really love?  Better yet, do you have one that is spill-proof???!?!?!?!  Ah yes, and 2nd grader friendly too?  Please share!!!




    I use these. They DO NOT spill...not a drop. They are pricey, but AWESOME! I get them at costco...They are cheaper there. My boys keep bottles on their desk. It is in their 504 plan. Everyone deserves a second chance. Don't give up! Try again!

  2. Oh Meri - I'll have to scope that site out. And to Misty, YEP, I send one with Joe too...and unfortunately we have suffered many a Niagra Falls-like day! :(

  3. Everyone in Sugar's class is required to bring a water bottle....maybe it has something to do with the weather at 112 degrees?

    They keep them lined up on a table at the back of the classroom and the teacher makes them take a sip every time they walk by the it on the way out the door, to the bathroom, off to recess, or whatever.

    We've had spillage....but....not quite like your waterfall today!

    I'm going to check out those bottles that Meri mentioned too!

  4. Ay yi yi!!!

    A few years ago, I bought some Sigg bottles at Whole Foods. They came with screw tops, but I bought a set of flip tops to use with them. They're awesome, still working great today.

    However, I must say I just checked out the link that Meri provided, and since we need some additional botttles, I might just buy those...or see if Costco has them in stock.

  5. do you have an REI close to you? We get the spill proof camelbaks and the spillproof Nalgenes. My boys don't like the valve so they'll take the out to drink with then put them back in for storage.


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