August 21, 2010

Perfectly Practical and Way Too Sweet!

Too Sweet!  Check out this Perfectly Clear Pouch from Too Sweet Boutique.

Isn't Ally's new pump pouch too cute?  Since Ally started using her CGM (What is CGM, you say?  Click here to read all about it.) a little over a week ago, we can't help ourselves...we are checking the BG (blood glucose) reading on her pump ALL.THE.TIME.  I will save the story of how neurotic we have become since beginning the CGM for another time.

Too cool!  We can view the pump screen right through the clear pouch.
Today I wanted to share these absolutely wonderful insulin pump pouches that I found at Too Sweet Boutique.  Not only are they just too fashionable; they are too practical.  The Perfectly Clear Pump Pouch that Ally is wearing is perfect for CGM users.  Ally loves that she can give herself an insulin bolus without even taking the pump out of the pouch.  When I ordered our first clear pouch, I was not sure how durable the plastic would be...Would the plastic be clear enough?  Would I really be able to read the pump screen through the plastic?  Would we be able to use the pump and perform all its functions without removing it from the pouch?   Well, let me tell you...I have not had trouble reading the screen even once (and believe me, I've been reading it A LOT!) AND...It is very easy to push the buttons right through the clear pouch.  Sure makes those middle of the night checks easier, too.  If needed, I can check basals, bolus for a correction and more without waking Ally up while trying to maneuver her pump out of the pouch.

Too Practical!  Button hole on the back is great for keeping the tubing in the pouch.

Another thing that is too practical about this pouch is that you can request a button hole on the back of the pouch.  We LOVE threading her pump tubing through the button hole for two reasons.  First, it really helps to keep the extra tubing in the pouch instead of floating all over the place!  Second, the button hole in the back allows you to wear the pump upside down.  Ally loves this!  When she looks down the numbers are not upside down to her.

Yes it is supposed to be upside down!

We are so in love with this Perfectly Clear Pump Pouch now, that even if we were not using the CGM, I would prefer that Ally use the clear pouch all the time.  I think she does too!


  1. We love Amy and our Too Sweet pouches! I need order a few more....!

  2. We have one a lot like that too - for the same reason!!! Witht he CGM taking the pump in and out all the time was a pain. =)


    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Misty that is so cute! I am pretty loyal to Tallygear...but I am so glad to see other companies using the clear window - it is such a quality of life "booster" for all of us and our kiddos.

  5. we are not pumping yet but this is adorable definitively going to looking into some of these adorable pouches when we start!!

  6. Who knew pump accessories could be so cute?!


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