February 12, 2013

Turning Four

We've got turning four on our minds.  Lexi will be turning four in a few months.

But that's not all that's turning four.

This week  Diabetes turned Four in our house too!
Ally, just before diagnosis                                Ally & her 4 year old D
            age 5                                                                     age 9
For the first time, I did not focus my thoughts on Ally's diagnosis day.  Instead, I spent the day thinking about how proud I am for how far we've come!  We all let Ally know that we are proud of her and that she inspires us every day.  And of course, we ate ice cream!

As I remember with anticipation about the characteristics of 4 year olds, I reflect on what our 4 year old diabetes looks like.

Four year olds feel good about things that they know how to do.  They are beginning to gain self-confidence. 

We have much more confidence in ourselves and in our diabetes decision making four years later.

Four year olds are willing to try new adventures.

We are beginning to let Ally and her 4 year old D take new adventures without us.

Four year olds still need to be watched closely as they are capable of some interesting things when you turn your head!

We've come a long way in four years, but I'm still not willing to turn my head on D...and probably won't for quite some time!

Our 4 Year Old Diabetes means that our doctor kit includes pretend blood sugar meters, lancets and test strips.  

Our dress up closet includes insulin pump pouches.

Everyone gets excited about trying out a new blood glucose meter...even our non-D kiddos!

We have all made lifelong friends.

We accessorize with bags of all kinds!

The characters in our picture books even check each other's blood sugar!  (At least that is Lexi's interpretation of what this dragonfly is doing to the dog's ear :)
And Four Year Old Diabetes meant that Ally rode on the
Girl Scout float in the Christmas parade (without me).

4 Year Old Diabetes has become a blended member of our family.

It hasn't always been that way though!  Read my thoughts about our 3 Year Old Diabetes here: Three Years Already?  Or Ally's thougths on our 2 Year Old Diabetes here: Two Years Ago Today.  And read a little about our diagnosis day here: Educate and Re-Educate.



  1. Awww, love all the pics and I can't believe how big she's gotten! She looks so grown up, especially in the picture with the flower headband!

    Hope you got to celebrate four years of LIFE in a fun way.

  2. Great pictures. I love celebrating all of the hard work and accomplishments that another year with diabetes brings. It's hard work, darnit! We all deserve a little celebration!

  3. Love the FLL picture with the Candy Hearts! ;)


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