January 14, 2012

CGM Blips

Why is it that the CGM always decides to give up on me, right when I need it most?

Ally had a 2 hour cheerleading clinic this morning.  We have a pretty good routine established for her usual one and a half hour practices.  They are normally after school on a week night.  AND her regular cheer coach is the one who is the most "in the know" about Ally's diabetes needs.

Since today was a little different, I wasn't sure how her blood sugar would be affected.  Would the insulin kick in before her breakfast?  Or would she spike, as she sometimes does with breakfast foods?  Does her body handle morning exercise differently than it does in the afternoon?  And then I worried because the clinic was given by a different cheer coach, not her "in the know" coach.  I was talking myself in circles.  Then I reminded myself that she will check her blood sugar half way through (after the first hour), she has her cell phone and that she is wearing her CGM which will help if she drops unexpectedly.  Ok, I will breathe a little easier.

That relief lasted all of about 10 minutes while we were driving to the clinic.  As we are nearing the gym, I hear her pump alarming.  Me- "Are you alarming?"  Ally - "Yep!  Change sensor." 

Ay yi yi! (Bold because, yes I screamed it!)

I have not been having great luck with the CGM sensors on her arm.  At our last endo visit, they recommended trying the sensor on her arm, instead of the bum where she had been exclusively wearing it.  The main reason was that her blood sugar numbers are so much better with the pump site in the bum.  She is too thin to use her tummy and her upper leg is more muscle than fat, so we don't get good numbers there either.  The endo reminded me that the most important thing is for her to get proper insulin absorption, so we said we'd give it a try.  She is doing great.  At first, she was nervous about inserting it on her arm.  The needle is like a harpoon and I admit, at first glance, I thought it could go right through her arm!  Ok, I'm exaggerating!!  But, it is a big needle!  She is past that now and doesn't seem to mind us inserting it there (with numbing cream, of course!).  However, since we have started using the arm, I've had sensors give up on me around the 4th day several times.  I've tried sensors from different boxes, so I don't think it is a bad batch.  Any ideas??

The good news is that she is now home from the two hour cheer clinic and I can breathe a little easier again!



  1. glad to hear all went well at the cheer clinic! :o) totally hear ya on the talking yourself in circles thing...i do that all the time...ugh!

  2. I know nothing about a CGM, but I wanted to cheer you on for letting her go to that cheer clinic. Two hours is a long time, but you didn't let it scare you off. You rock!

  3. oye, I wish I had an answer for you - CGM is hit or miss with us, too. Do you ever go on the children with diabetes website? There is a father on there named Darryl who has helped me tremendously, check out the forum on CGM's there and see if there are any tips applicable...or send Darryl a message, he is very good at figuring out ways to help utilize the technology available :)

  4. I got nothing. I can field a Dex question but I can't help you with MM! I'll bet she looks pretty cute doing her cheers! Glad it all went well - and here's to more accurate and longer sensors!


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