January 21, 2012

Are you afraid of the dark?

Are you afraid of the dark?  Why is it that things that we are completely comfortable with when it is daylight, become scary or uncomfortable during the night?

During the day, my blinds are open, the doors are unlocked.  At night, I close the blinds and lock the doors.

I also become uncomfortable with going more than an hour or two knowing what Ally's blood sugar is.  I think the most logical reason for this is that when she is awake, she is aware of how she is feeling and mostly catches her lows before they get to be dangerously low.  When she is sleeping, she does not awaken to a low blood sugar (or a high for that matter).  She wears a CGM, which I thought would make me rest a little easier (you know, like carrying a flashlight in the dark), however it does not alarm loud enough to wake her.  Even when it starts vibrating after alarming for so long, she sleeps through it.  The baby monitor on her nightstand does not wake us either.  So, we set alarms to wake us up a few times a night to check her blood sugar.  But lately, I wake up before the alarm.  If I wake up, I have to go check her (or at least look at her CGM).  I can't let it go.  I don't check her this many times during the day.

Recently, on more than one occasion, we have awakened to realize that she had been alarming low for an hour or more.  For me, the fear of her having another dangerously low blood sugar overnight may never go away.  No matter what technology we have, I will always have that fear.

With that being said, if there is something that will make my nights a little less scary, I'm all for it!  My friend, Meri at Our Diabetic Life, has been sharing her experience with Medtronic's new mySentry.  If you have not yet seen her posts about this awesome new technology, I encourage you to check them out!

mySentry and myDisclosure

mySentry: My diary of the first 3 days.

Continuing the mySentry Dialog



  1. I woke this morning to realize I slept thru dex. Thank God hubby was coming in from work.

    I want one of these for Dex!

  2. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and start freaking out too. What's his number...could he have dropped....I just have to know because he is so good about catching the lows in the daytime. Too much unknown overnight and it's hard. So very hard sometimes....No CGM here. We check a lot.

  3. I just don't go to bed much anymore...I know someday it'll catch up to me, but for now I stay up for hours to do checks because if I go to bed I honestly sleep right through several alarms. And I have made naps a must for myself, if he's napping I might as well, too :) I keep wondering if a Mysentry would help, We'll see...right now we're not using the CGM fulltime though.
    I too have enjoyed reading about Meri's experience, it gives me more to think about for sure.

  4. Thanks for the shout out Misty! It is peace of mind for sure, and that is priceless!

    Am I afraid of the dark? You betcha.


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