October 27, 2011

What's in your Doctor Kit?

Do your children have a doctor kit?  Or maybe you remember having one as a child.  It was one of my favorite toys as a kid.  The one my girls have is a much fancier version than the one that I remember having.  This one even includes a "pager"!

That is not the only thing in my girls' doctor kit that is different from my childhood version.  Ours also includes an old blood sugar meter, a couple of test strip containers, an expired test strip or two (and hopefully, they haven't found any of the thousand used ones we find lying around and thrown those in there too!), and a lancing device.  Don't worry, no lancets, just the "clicker"!  It seems, however, that we have forgotten something in "our family's version" of a doctor kit.  Watch this video and you'll see Lexi discover what we forgot.

Ahh...she needs her juice!  When I walked into the playroom, I found Lexi "checking her baby's blood sugar".  She looked up at me for 2 seconds, said "She's high," and went right back to it.  She was not happy until she heard the "shunk" of the clicker.  (Did you notice that she forgot to check what the meter said??)

I laughed out loud when she threw the meter and went running for juice!  I guess this doctor kit needs some fast acting carbs added to it!  (And, possibly, we need to teach her that LOW means juice :)


  1. That's such a cute idea. We should do that for our kids, too. They all love the diabetes supplies!

  2. Adorable! Amelia enjoys "playing diabetes" with old meters and empty lancing devices...not so sure that Charlotte thinks its as fun, but she plays along since it usually means that she get to "poke" her sister and she's not the only one with D at the moment :)

  3. She's SO CUTE!!!!! Such a sweet girl...sigh...oh, sweet girls. I love how intent she was :)

  4. oh thats so adorable, shes was so determined. that dr bag is all set! my kids also do a version of this. isnt it amazing the play that helps them understand diabetes being 'in the house' so to speak.

  5. How sweet!!! They all are impacted, arent they?

    Sweets was watching with me and she kept asking where her site was. I kept saying that Lexi doesn't have diabetes. Ally does. She finally said, "THAT'S their baby?!? I can't believe she's talking!". I guess it's been awhile...! Must play soon!

  6. Oh my goodness...that was the sweetest video ever!!! What a cutie pa tottie! And a smartie at that! Must add juice box!

  7. This was so sweet...very smart little girl. Love this video!!!


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