October 4, 2011

Ally Rocked the Powerpoint!

When I started this blog, my goals were three-fold.  1) To connect with other people living with and/or parenting a child with Type 1 Diabetes,  2) To educate others about Type 1 Diabetes, and  3) To just plain vent about it!  It has been my therapy.

Today, as I am writing this post, I'm feeling like I have become a bit bragadocious on the blog lately.  Please know that my blogging goals have not changed.  But, this feels like the best place for me to show how very proud I am of Ally.

Last week, I told you about Ally not wanting me to read the "childish" book about diabetes to her class, as I have in years past.  I also told you about Ally's inspiration from Avery's awesome video and her decision to model her own Powerpoint presentation after this.  We were just waiting for Ally and her teacher to decide when to share it with the class.  She had asked me if I could come in and just sit in the back of the room, in case any of the kids had questions that she couldn't answer.

Keith & I had the chance to get away for a couple of days last weekend.  (Many thanks to my awesome Mom for taking care of the girls!)  While we were out of town, I received this email from Ally's teacher.
Hi Misty,

I meant to email you today, but got busy and it slipped my mind, so I'm doing it now from home.  Ally did her presentation today and did a beautiful job.  She seemed very comfortable sharing her book and Powerpoint and answering questions.  As you know, I've been talking with her about when she'd like to do it and if she wanted to do it on her own or with you, a friend, Mrs. P (nurse), etc.  Each time before, she hasn't been sure or quite ready, but today when I talked with her about the possible options of setting it up for next week and having you come in or doing it herself, she was just ready.  I think she's become more comfortable with communicating with me about needing to go to the clinic and sharing info from Mrs. P and has had a few different friends escort her to the clinic or help her with assignments, so maybe she was just ready to bring everyone in the loop.  She did want Mrs. P to join us, which she did.  The truth is, she didn't really need me or Mrs. P except for a little moral support.  She was very organized and mature-She even smiled a lot.  I was really impressed and pleased with how comfortable she was.  Her classmates were very concerned and interested and were attentive the whole time.  The Powerpoint was great.  You both did a very nice job with that.  I have a lot of respect for Ally.  She is amazing.  I'm glad she's in my class this year.

I hope you had a good trip. Have a nice weekend! ~Mrs. R

Tears. I was so proud of her! Ally tends to be shy when talking about her diabetes. Actually, until she feels 100% comfortable, she is shy in any situation. I was shocked (in a good way) that she had decided to go ahead and do the presentation without me. This is her presentation.  She decided what she wanted to say, what pictures to use and even the title (lol!) on her own!

(Click to advance to each new slide.)

Ally reported that the presentation went very well and the kids had some really good questions.
How does the pump work?
How long does it take you to go back high, after you are low?
Can you trade your pancreas with someone else?

She was proud of herself too! 


  1. I am so proud of her!!! I can only imagine how you must feel!!

    Here PowerPoint presentation was so well done. It had just the right amount of information. It was kid-friendly. It had lots of great photos. She gets an A+ from me!!!

    I bet the presentation even helped her gain more confidence.

    I am all for our kids being open and honest about their diabetes, because the more the other kids know, the less of a big deal and the less alienating it becomes.

    Go, Ally!!!!

  2. I'd be bragadocious too! : ) She is so sweet, and you should be proud of her, and we GET that!!!

    Mary Claire is really shy too, and she wouldn't let me read the book either. She has a lot of the same kids in her class, and she'd rather just answer them individually. We didn't do any informing this year. Sad or happy?

    Be proud of Miss Ally-and yay for you getting away!!! Hugs, Misty!

  3. You should absolutely be proud of her! I know how shy Charlotte can get about talking about D with her class...she did a great job! It's great that she felt comfortable sharing the information with her class...the more that know and understand the better!!!

  4. AWWWW!!! What an awesome presentation and an awesome e-mail about Ally. She is doing such a great job Misty. Sounds like she is off to a great year.

  5. We are so proud of our little niece. She just never ceases to amaze us.

    Go Ally - tell the world!!

    We love you, Aunt Sherry & Uncle David

  6. wow that is so great! I am thankful that she has such supportive staff at her school and a great class to be a part of. Way to go Ally!

  7. This is SO awesome! You are one super D mama! :)


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