January 6, 2011

The Girls, Lightin' It Up Like Dynamite!

Tonight my girls sat at the dinner table and broke out into song...Taio Cruz's "Dynamite!"  I know, singing at the table is probably not on the list of best table manners, but it is a catchy tune.  They were having so much fun with it.  It was comical because they kept repeating the limited lyrics that they knew - over and over again.  We found the song on YouTube and played it for them.  They sang and danced around for over an hour.  It was fun!

As I watched and listened, I kept seeing Ally repeat the words that she did know...and I got an inspiration.

So here you go...(some of) the lyrics to the "Dynamite" song, along with the thoughts that I believe Ally had going through her head for each verse.

"...Cause it goes on and on and on" 
(The constant checking of my blood sugar.)
"And it goes on and on and on" 
(Carb counting, needle pricks, site changes, ketone testing....)

"I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying Ayo
Gotta let go"
(When I can't explain the Highs or the Lows.)

"I wanna celebrate and live my life
Saying Ayo
Baby let's go"
(I want a cure so that I can live a carefree life...free of  later complications - including, eye complications, neuropathy, kidney disease, cardiac disease - to name a few!)

"Cause I told you once"
(I did NOT cause my diabetes because I ate too much sugar.)
"Now I told you twice..."
(And I'll keep telling you as many times as I need to...I have Type 1 Diabetes..it is different than Type 2.  I cannot control my diabetes with exercise and diet.  I need insulin injections to stay alive.  PERIOD.) 

"...We gonna light it up like its dynamite"
(So if you are going to go on public television, like GMA, and contribute to the general population's confusion about Type 1 diabetes, we WILL light up your phones and email!)

And now, the best part of this post...

To see my inspiration, watch the short video below.  But first, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and pause my Blog Playlist.

(**I'm coming back to add this video.  I just couldn't resist!  Wendy of  Candy Hearts commented that my video looked familiar to her....Click below to watch a video that her 3 sweet girls made.  Hmmm....there may be a future for the Candy Hearts girls and My Three Sweeties - I actually had 3 girls performing, but the 16 month old kept getting trampled, so she was dancing behind the scenes in our video:)  I'm thinking that if the Von Trapp and Brady families can do it...why can't a couple of D Families?  Now, let's see...what would be a good name for the group?  Chocolate Covered Candy Hearts?  We may have to incorporate the "princess" theme though, as these seem to be the microphones of choice for these girls.  Also, every singing group needs a mascot to keep them company on the road.  But, which is it Candy Hearts girls...the dog or the giraffe?)



  1. ROCKSTARS!!!!!

    That dancing scene is oddly familiar. I can't put my finger on it...hmmm...

    YOU ROCK :)

  2. That made my night!! SOOOO cute!
    I always think of the same "hidden" meanings when I hear this song too.

  3. Joe and I loved it! And great meanings behind the lyrics Misty. Your girls are adorable. Thanks for starting off my day with a smile.

  4. Oh my heck those girls are ADORABLE!!! What a great post. I wish I could be a fly on the wall of my boys' brains some days. (Kinda gross analogy, but you know what I mean!)

    These are the things your daughters will remember. These times of pure joy! Rock on sistahs!

  5. Love this song! So fun. Your lyrics and their singing/dancing - great!

  6. This is great Cara LOVES to rock out too!! I need to video tape it!!

    Love the lyrics...awsome and I will have this song stuck in my head ALL DAY NOW :)

    I have to show this to Cara with both videos on it:) FUN FUN FUN

  7. @Nicole, I'm sure there would be room for some Care Bears in our singing group!!

  8. So Cute!!!!
    Now everytime I hear that song I will be changing the lyrics :/

  9. OH YEA! We're in :) We totally need to ROCK this joint :) The Chocolate Covered Candy Hearts!!!!


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