January 19, 2011

Ally's TWO Special Sibs

Back in November, Alexis of Justice's Misbehaving Pancreas and Sherry of Jennas Pet Monkey declared a very "Special Sib of a D-Kid Day."  The purpose of this special day was "to recognize those special kiddos who sometimes do get left out, sometimes may wish they got some of the attention D does....but still always keep a smile on their face and love in their hearts!"

Well, I'm only a little over a month and a half late on this one...but I thought it was such a sweet idea that I wanted to post it anyway.  So, today is OUR Special Sib of  a D-Kid Day!!

Ally has two younger sisters.  Jessi, 5 years old, is in kindergarten.  Lexi is 17 months old and Ally's BIGGEST fan. period.

I'll start with Lexi.  I was about 4 months pregnant with Lexi when Ally was diagnosed.  The poor baby started getting the shaft even before she was born!  I did not focus on this pregnancy as much as I had my first two.  I didn't get as much rest as I should have as a pregnant mommy...and my head was constantly full of worry.  But somehow, she continued to grow into a perfect little human being.  God works in mysterious and wonderful ways!

Lexi LOVES her big sister so much.  She loves both of her big sisters really.  Jessi entertains her and makes her laugh day in and day out.  But she has a special bond with Ally.  I think it is because Ally is so nurturing.  She watches out the window as Ally gets on the bus in the morning.  And asks a million times a day "Where'd Alla go?" (Wish you could see her cute shrug of the shoulders and twist of the wrists as she's asking!)  As soon as I mention that it's time to watch for the bus...she starts saying Ally's name and smiling.  She squeals with delight when Ally finally arrives home from school.

Blood Glucose Meters, bloody used up test strips, the smell of insulin, site changes, insulin  pumps, glucose tablets, sharps containers, Walk for a Cure (I could go on and on!) will all be just a part of life for Lexi.  They have been around our house since before she was born.  They will not represent anything foreign or out of the ordinary to her.  They won't even represent "life with diabetes" to her....just life, the only way she knows it.
And here she is at 14 months ready to RUN for Team Ally!

Grandma and Lexi at 2 months old - ready for her 1st Walk for a Cure!

Ally's second special sibling is Jessi.  You've heard about Jessi before. 

In an old post, My Big Sister, My Hero, I wrote about just how much Jessi looks up to her big sister.  I told about how cute it was when she wore a pump pouch and packed her own "diabetes backpack".  And again, just this week, the girls were BOTH sporting a TummieTote from Tallygear.  Jessi had a paper CGM (attached with scotch tape - ouch!) to her bum, just like Ally.  As Ally checked her pump for me when I asked her what her CGM said, she looked at Jessi and said, "Did you check your CGM?"  They even had a pretend log book to record these numbers from Jessi's paper "CGM". 

And in another post, Swedish Fish, I talked about some of the ways that D has affected Jessi and Lexi too.

Driving in the car yesterday, I overheard Jessi say, "You know Ally, I would do ANYTHING to make your diabetes go away."  (I think she has heard me say this before:)

Ally:  "Aww..that's nice of you."

Jessi:  "I would even rip my whole arm off if your diabetes would go away."

Ally:  "I WOULDN'T LET YOU!  I'd rather keep my diabetes than have your arm ripped off!"

Jessi:  "Aww..that's so nice of you."

Love these super sweet siblings!




  1. Im a sap cause Im totally crying! What gorgeous girls you have and such compassion!

    Im so glad you went on and posted no matter how later! Because these D sibs are amazing all the time!
    Btw love the name ''lexi'' ;)

  2. ok, LOVE the part about ripping her arm off...so SWEET! Glad you posted, you have beautiful girls!

  3. Oh man... the arm thing made me snort with laughter! What sweet girls you have, such a blessing!

  4. You have such a cute family! What a special blessing! So nice to "meet" the family! :) Love the arm conversation!

  5. So so sweet! I'm so glad to have met you and your girls!! They are all darling!
    I'd rip my arm off, too. So sweet....
    And LOVE that dress Lexi has on!

  6. Candy Heart melting. Right here. Seriously the arm ripping off...classic. BEAUTIFUL!


  7. so sweet!! Jackson and Joshua are just getting to that sweet stage... inbetween hitting each other... :)THanks for the great post

  8. The ripping off of the arm caused me to tear up a bit AND I love how affectionate and compassionate they are. Your girls are beautiful Misty!

  9. How is it that the idea of a limb being torn off can make me cry. Isn't that just an amazing sign of endless unconditional love.
    Thanks for sharing even if really late because it just made my day quite a bit better :)

  10. So sweet!! Misty - your girls are stunning!! So beautiful - thank you for sharing. :)

  11. Oh my gosh Misty! They are so amazingly sweet! Great post!

  12. How sweet! This was such a great post to read. Does Jessi ever pretend to have out-of-range numbers with her "CGM"? It must be such a blessing to have three great girls like that!

  13. Awww, that was soooo sweet! I love the CGM scotch taped to the bum! Ha! You are a lucky momma to have such sweet little ones! =)


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