December 20, 2011

Christmas Dress Shopping

When I'm dress shopping for my girls, I do have to consider each one individually.  Jessi has certain requirements, something of the Fancy Nancy nature.  The frillier the better!

Ally likes something cute and hip.  Being the oldest, she also tends to get more new clothes than the other girls. It only stands to reason, because she doesn't have any older sisters passing clothes down to her. Recently, we went shopping for a nice Christmas dress.

When buying a Christmas dress for your little girl, what do you look for? Frills or ruffles? Bows or lace? Special colors or patterns? 

Those things are all important, but there is something else that we have to consider when buying a special outfit.

Ally wears an insulin pump.

I know, if you are reading this, you already know that she has type 1 diabetes and most likely also know that she wears an insulin pump.  But that is an important factor that we have to consider when making our holiday dress selection.

Ally's insulin pump is connected to her with a site, which we rotate every 3 days between her arms and hips or bum area.  The pump is usually worn in a pump pouch around her waist.  When Ally needs to give herself insulin, or check her CGM reading, she needs to look at her pump.  Easy enough. 

Now picture this seemingly simple task, while wearing a dress.  She would have to pull up her dress in order to do this.  Not so easy!

It is not so pleasant, in the middle of class or church, to have to pull up your dress because your pump is alarming.  Nor is it fun, in the middle of a party or a restaurant, because you want to bolus for your food.  This is when the remote feature would really come in handy.  But her MiniMed Revel pump does not have a remote.

So we adjust.  She still looks really cute (and don't forget hip) in her sweet little bubble skirt, sweater and leggins with bows :)



  1. She's adorable! Since I have a boy, I never really thought about how tough that could be. Good post. Have a good Christmas Friend!

  2. She looks adorable in her Christmas outfit! Love it, even if we have to think about the clothing that will work with the pump.

  3. Got to love legging and a skirt! she does look very cute!

  4. So cute! We don't have to worry about that anymore now that we have the Omnipod - but she still does wear the Dexcom and that does mean some pulling up of clothing at times. We got the leggings under a dress route usually. Much more comfy than tights, I'm told...!

  5. She does look adorable!
    We (well, Mary Claire!) still wear one piece dresses, but Mary Claire wears bike shorts (even over her tights!), and just pulls up her dress for her pump only when we are sitting down. She loves dresses more than she worries about her skirt up. Surely this'll change one day? haha, hope so!!
    Hope your girls had a wonderful Christmas, I'm sure they were gorgeous! : )

  6. I tend to wear skirts more than dresses for the same reason.

    A few months ago, Target had a style of dress with pockets. I bought just about every pattern :)

  7. She looks adorable! We do a lot of leggings with skirts even without a pump. Thanks for the info....I'm taking all this info in for when we do go on a pump. So much to think about especially with girls and their clothing!


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